Freitag, 21. September 2012

Guns n' Roses

when I was a kid, around 6 years old, I heard a song that made me happy. I didn't know the song title until I was in junior high. the song was Sweet Child o' Mine. I didn't even know the singer; it's Guns n' Roses.

Guns n' Roses is my very first favorite band. Saul "Slash" Hudson is the god of guitar, imho. Duff McKagan is my role model and he's the reason why I played bass. Izzy Stradlin is the best rhythm guitarist. Sweet Child o' Mine is the greatest song ever. Appetite for Destruction is the best album. Guns n' Roses is fucking perfect!

to those who probably have no idea about Guns n' Roses, lemme tell you a bit about them. GnR is an American hard rock band which established in 1985. the starting line up was Axl (lead vocal), Tracii (lead guitar), Izzy (rhythm guitar), Ole (bass), and Rob (drum). in June 1985, GnR came in a new formation, with Axl still on the lead vocal, Slash was the lead guitar, Izzy on rhythm guitar, Duff on bass, and Matt on drum. two years later, they released their first album: Appetite for Destruction. I love 5 songs from this album: Welcome to the Jungle, Nightrain, Paradise City, My Michelle, and of course Sweet Child o' Mine.

then I hardly found good songs from them. I only love their singles: Civil War and November Rain. I realized that I actually hypnotized by Slash's and Duff's playings. I was really disappointed when I knew that Axl and Slash fought. I suddenly lost my respect on Axl, which actually it's unnecessary. my heart took bigger influence, I love Slash and Duff; not Guns n' Roses.

The Godfather Theme, which played by Slash, made me love him even more. he's really the god of guitar; for me. I love his style too; his hat, his sunglasses, his 82-degree cigarette are his signature.

I found his recent saying, which I think it's awesome, is:
Slash has told Entertainment Weekly that he rejected a request from the producers of Glee to use Guns N' Roses music in an episode of the series. His reasoning was pretty simple: He thinks the hit show is horrible.
"Glee is worse than Grease and Grease is bad enough," he told EW. "I look at Grease now and think, 'Between High School Musical and Glee, Grease was a work of art.'" So Slash is definitely not a fan of squeaky-clean singing teens.

"I've always had to do things my way; I've gotten high my way, I've gotten clean my way, I've been in and out of relationships my way. I've taken myself to the edges of life my way. And I'm still here. Whether or not I deserve to be is another story." -Saul 'Slash' Hudson


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