Sonntag, 30. September 2012

Lady Gaga

who doesn't know this lady? the one and only Mother Monster in the world. she's my role model. to some or maybe most of people, Lady Gaga is such a disaster; but not for me.

she shows me that I'm worth living for. she believes that every girl is beautiful; born this way. there's no such a thing like a failure. she speaks out. she teaches me how to live my life the fullest. for me, she's beyond normal greatness.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. more or less, she's changed my life, my vision, my points of view. she has influenced me; what I am now, she has taken a part to build me. objectively, her songs are great. people may say things everything about her; herself, her fashion style, her appearance, her songs, her beliefs. and I don't care if people hate her. 

I listen to her songs daily. Love Game is the first song I ever know; sung by Lady Gaga. the melody is very catchy. I love all her songs from the first album. her greatest song is Born This Way. the song is packaged with the most fundamental life lesson.

I simply have no words to express how great Gaga is. what I've learned from this song: we don't choose who/whom/why/where/when/how we born. it's we. we are we; we are who we are. don't ever listen to those fucking noises who take us down.

"I WAS BORN THIS WAY" -Lady Gaga (Born This Way, 2011)