Freitag, 14. September 2012

random now

hello! it's me, again. hahaha. so, I decided to start another new blog. it's been a while since my very last post, under other url and account. and here it is the very first post of the new blog. hope this one is the last and long-last. hehehe.

my name? you eventually will know it. get to know me more via this blog! ;) but I'm no one. it's kinda unnecessary to know who I am. I'm gonna post posts in Bahasa, English, and Deutsch, and/or sometimes Thai(?). though my language skills aren't good................. :p

please do comment/ask/etc if you have something bothering you. everything is fine as long as it's not about religion, race, gender, ethnic groups.

so, enjoy! though I myself not really sure this blog gonna be an enjoyable one.


P.S.: I'm the girl who never consumes caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, soda

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