Donnerstag, 20. September 2012


I'm currently a 3rd semester student at a university. I'm having my first internship under my university guidance; it's a part of the curriculum. today, I went to the university as I got holiday.

the night before, I planned to take my transcript and meet one of my lecturers for having a little counseling. I wished I met one of my senior who just got back to Indonesia from his internship in Germany. it was a slight thought in my mind and I was pretty sure that I wouldn't meet him as he's having his class when I arrived. I planned to give a little surprise to another senior that I really hoped I could meet him.

and so I got my transcript and met my lecturer. I met one of my favorite lecturer too! then I went to the cafeteria with my friend; having a random chitchat. during the talk, I was looking for the other senior; maybe he's at the cafeteria too. unfortunately, until my parents called me to go home, I still couldn't find him. later he told me that he's already inside the classroom. well, it's fine. I left the cafeteria; disappointed.

I opened the door and took two steps, the 7th-semester senior was in front of me............... I greeted him, of course. and he replied my greet. I felt unconscious a bit that I think I didn't really realize that it was him whom I actually was looking for. it took time to notice that I just met him and we greeted each other. I didn't expect he remembers my name. it was really......... I don't know. even until now I still don't believe that I met him. finally met him after more than 8 months since the last time we met. the unexpected sudden meeting left me speechless.

a tear rolled down my face after I met him. a happy tear, I believe. my heart was pounding twice faster than usual. I just........

good things sometimes happen at the most unexpected time. and it just happened to me. making me believe that everything is possible. it's like trying to convince me to never give up on something. even it's a small one, as long as it's possible, probably it's gonna happen.

God is good. I might not meet the other senior but I met this one. it's fair enough for me.

"They say good things come to those who wait" -New Kids on The Block ft. Lady Gaga (Big Girl Now, 2008)


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