Sonntag, 16. September 2012

the reason

nope, I'm not talking about Hoobastank's song. I'm talking about the reasons why I hide things.

things happen everyday with and/or without we realize them. some occurs coincidentally, accidentally, unconsciously, some occurs as we set it or how we want it to be. but basically they happen just that way.

I'm an introvert person, vielleicht. well, I'm very adaptable, but I think introvert suits me better. I don't talk stuffs that happened in my life. I'd rather hide and keep it for myself instead of telling/sharing it to anyone else. hey someone out there, if you read this post, please notice that I don't mean to refuse your help; but it's me who always act this way.

reasons why I hide things:
  • insignificant; my stories are not interesting to be heard
  • I don't like people whining all the time therefore I shouldn't whine
  • I believe none of people out there could help me so why should I share
  • I have God behind my scenes and I do believe that He has never put me beyond my ability
things that happened in my life are God's grace, hence I have no right to complain.

and here's the song:

"Everyone who believes in God at all believes that He knows what you and I are going to do tomorrow." -C.S. Lewis


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