Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2012


have you ever felt being pushed to the limit? I'm pretty sure most of you who read this said 'yes'. it's normal. for those who didn't, it's normal too. don't worry :)

so you ever had a bad day. a very bad day that your mind had to think about suicide. you wanted to end your life as soon as possible. you swore so much until you had no more swear words to say. you lost your power to stand; all you wanted to do just lying on the bed, end your life, end your life, end your life.

some wises said that it's the time when we're being pushed to the limit. I'm not a wise one; it might be true, but I have my own opinion. we're never being pushed to the limit. everything is limitless. we don't know how far we can do something. but we always can do it. we may fail, but it's not because we have reached the limit, it's simply because that thing is not our area. we can't master all stuffs, we may fail on something but never forget that we all do have something we good at ;)

God never put us on the limit. even if He did, He never leaves us alone. and not to forget, He never give us something beyond our ability. if you recall your experiences, your bad times.........., you had it. and you could make it. you're now reading this. you're still alive. you've passed it all. you're through. now smile! :)

problem is not a problem if you believe you can face it (with smiles). worst day is not a worst day if you believe it's only the dynamics of life. limit is only part of words which describe yourself; your power is LIMITLESS and you are God's LIMITED EDITION.

"Your powers are a gift from God or whoever the hell wrote your life script." -Carl van Loon (Limitless, 2011)


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