Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012


wondering what 'Mia san Mia' means? more or less, it means 'we are who we are'; it's not Ke$ha's song. hahahaha!

  1. Mia san ein Verein: Bayern is one same team since the very first beginning, Bayern always bases on equality.
  2. Mia san Botschafter: people have responsibility to behave well in order to keep club’s good image, either inside the club or daily basis.
  3. Mia san Vorbilder: people should be a role model for the youth inside and outside the field.
  4. Mia san Tradition: everyone in Bayern must be proud of the tradition that has been etched in the history. Because of ‘Mia san Mia’, Bayern could get achievements.
  5. Mia san Innovation: everyone must improve performance in all areas constantly learning, and as one of the best clubs of the world should be able to become the benchmark for other clubs.
  6. Mia san Selbtvertrauen: always assured to win the match, realized by always assault and taking initiative.
  7. Mia san Grenzenlos: everyone must respect the diversity of the root formation of the values of Bayern, always develop games based on the global perspective.
  8. Mia san Fußball: presents beautiful football that everyone can enjoy it
  9. Mia san Respekt: everyone has the same status and everyone must respect each other.
  10. Mia san Freude: must enjoy all the tasks with upholding the team’s spirit, and accept the defeat gracefully.
  11. Mia san Treue: more than 12 million people admit as Bayern’s fans, and thousands among them are willing to travel only for watching the match; all players must show the loyalty by playing well for the whole match.
  12. Mia san Partner: relationship with fans, fan club, member, and sponsorship is a true partnership.
  13. Mia san Heimat: wherever we are, Bayern München always feels being at home; still and all, Bayern understands where the true home.
  14. Mia san Motor: Bayern always shows enormous energy in history; means that all the players must have strong confidence and high motivation.
  15. Mia san Verantwortung: Bayern always upholds social responsibility in everything Bayern does.
  16. Mia san Familie: Bayern is one family; durable family tie. Bayern always welcomes all ex-players and ex-employees.
"You know we're superstars, we are who we are." -Ke$ha (We are who We are, Cannibal, 2010)


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