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Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung Islands

Pantai Parai

a young province (est. 2000 hehehe) in Indonesia which is located in the east of Sumatera Selatan province. consists of 2 big islands: Pulau Bangka and Pulau Belitung. Bangka Starit separates Sumatera and Bangka, and Gaspar Strait separates Bangka and Belitung. the capital city is Pangkal Pinang. my home.

it's true I was born in Jakarta, but I rarely regard it as my hometown. Bangka Belitung is my home. well, it's my parents' but my heart is there. home is where the heart is. hehehehe

so, Bangka Belitung was an unpopular province until a movie titled 'Laskar Pelangi' was released. people go to Belitung for holiday. it becomes one of tourist destination. BaBel (BAngka-BELitung) has many untouched beaches which are extremely cool for me. many people don't know about their existence. I like quiet places, and that's why beaches in BaBel are my homes.

Pantai Matras
Tanjung Pesona
this is only a short summary of Bangka Belitung. if you're curious about the beaches, leave your curiosity on comments. I'll answer it. :D

"Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in." -Robert Frost
Tanjung Penyusuk
Pantai Rebu


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