Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

today a reader, tomorrow a leader!

reading newspaper is boring. that's oldies' things to do. etc, etc, etc. yea, on my childhood, I always think that way. it's boring because it contents many words and less pictures. words and words. children would love to see/read books with many pictures inside.

I read newspaper. until my last year of senior high school, I took time to 'read' newspaper. well, I only turned it back and forth; mostly only saw the pictures and the captions. I only read some articles/news that I wanted to read: sports, lifestyle, music, movies; and I didn't really read all the articles/news. I didn't read politics, law, business, finance, etc., because... it's boring.

I read some business magazines. my mom brought me home the magazines. I loved to collect it. sometimes I read it, sometimes I didn't; well yea, I only half read it hehehe. what would a little child understand about business? why should I know it? why should I care?

since my first day of entering the university, I rarely read newspaper. I live myself on another house near my campus. we don't subscribe any newspaper for that address. I thought that reading online news and articles was enough. guess I was wrong; I always refuse to load online news portal. LOL!

that is the thing I do wrong. I should have read newspaper everyday. I should have loaded those online news portal as often as possible. I should read anything during my free time. or maybe I should provide myself time to read.

there's a day when I really didn't have a single thing to do. I sat in front of my laptop, googling an international company. there's a link to my country's list of conglomerate. I clicked it, checked it, read it. then I felt like I was awakened. oh my... I just knew that there are names I know but I didn't know that they're conglomerates. I'm not overreacting it, but I think that I really should have known it. that time, I felt really stupid, and I regretted my unwillingness to read.

I should have done this
I told my dad about it, "dad, I just found out that ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ are conglomerates who run big companies here." even my dad laughed hard and deplored my lack of general knowledge. I really really ended up aware of the importance of reading. reading comics and novels are good. sometimes I gain some general knowledge from those books but they are not as much as in the newspaper. it's true that books are the window to the world, repository of knowledge; and I agree. not only books, but also newspaper and any other printed media or electronic media. books, newspaper, and other medias are the bridge to many places.

I know most of you who read this probably are the same age as me or maybe older or maybe younger than me but you feel it's kinda late too. no, you never late. start reading anything from now. you may think that it's not really your business to concern those adults' topics. I didn't ask you to concern or understand them fully, just read it. at least it increases your general knowledge. when someone talks about something, you don't really get lost or have no idea what they are talking about.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.” -Dr. Seuss (I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!, 1978)


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