Freitag, 18. Januar 2013

charming words for a better mood

in my opinion, there are three strongest and most influential words in this world: sorry, please, and thank you. those who can't use these words sincerely are cowards. they are weak and simply have no guts to say it, which means cowards.

I think there are many articles (and even books) which raise this topic. those simple words could change one's attitude and behavior, and also make a person becomes more mature. it's hard to say those words sincerely, that's why not everyone can say it.

how many of you would say 'sorry' truly from your heart? a deep sorry, not just a 'sorry'; guess not so many say it. a simple word, isn't it? it's hard to find someone who sincerely say it and admit their mistakes. even some of them refuse to say it because of their pride. for me, 'sorry' is a word to appreciate others and as a proof that we won't repeat the mistakes. personally, I really appreciate those who know and admit their mistakes and say sorry sincerely. why do I say 'know and admit'? it's because sometimes people just say sorry while they actually don't even know their mistakes. it's useless as they will probably repeat the mistakes. but don't apologize too often too. your apologize will be meaningless.

as social beings, people needs help. we always say 'please' for asking help, even we're asking for little things like drink, food, hair clip, shoes, etc. do you realize that some of you say 'please' to someone who is older than you? or his position is higher than you? do you say 'please' to others who are at the same age as you? to those who are younger? to the blue-collar workers? doesn't "could you please bring me my breakfast?" sound better than "bring my breakfast"? saying 'please' also shows our humbleness and gratitude. people who we asked for help will also feel happy while helping us.

thank you
this phrase expresses our appreciation to those who help us; anyone. don't ever count your prestige/dignity for saying 'thank you' to others. this simple phrase could make the helpers feel happier and sincerer for helping us. there's nothing wrong to say 'thank you' to them, right?

and please, when you say those words, don't say it rudely. hahaha. though you're saying the words, if you say it rudely, it's meaningless and those who are 'receiving' the words will be cynical towards you. it's no use to consider your dignity when you're about to say the words. just say it truly from your heart..... well, I'm not saying it's gonna be easy, but try. as long as no harm, it's okay to try ;)

symbol of humility

"On the highest throne in the world, we still sit only on our own bottom." -Michel de Montaigne (The Complete Essays, 1580)


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