Montag, 18. Februar 2013


sorry, it's been a while. hahaha. more than 2 weeks since my last post, eh? heheh :p

sooooo, it's a week to go; before finally going back to campus, dealing with lecturers and exams (including the final exams) on the next 14 weeks. won't be around here frequently, but I'll keep writing and sharing my thoughts ;) but my thoughts are not interesting either :s

the following semester is going to be a serious one. I take International Business as my concentration. well, basically I'm under Business Administration and Humanities Faculty, on International Business Administration Department, taking International Business concentration. kinda confusing, I know. hahaha. IBA department has 3 concentrations: Banking and Finance, International Business, and International Marketing. I'm not good at counting and numbers, also not good at persuading customers, so I take IB :p

it's the first semester of the concentration, so my previous classes are divided into 3 classes, according to what concentrations they're taking. I AM SO GONNA MISS MY BEST BUDDIES. there are four of us, 2 taking Banking and Finance, and the other 2 taking IB. fair enough. lol. on this 4th semester, our German class will be more intense since we only have a year left before our internship in Germany (wish us tons of luck!!). in the 1st week of 4th semester, we're facing a German quiz, to test our German skill after 1-semester hiatus. then, at the end of 4th semester, our German skill will be tested by the rector (the rector is German, a native one). we're having interviews. through the interviews, we'll be "sorted" whether we're capable enough to have internship in Germany. hope we'll pass the interview, amen!

life is life. I have nothing to do during my holiday. well, I watched good movies, just like what I wanted (and declared) on this post. Jack Reacher was the first movie I watched. Tom Cruise, yes. I'm not idolizing him but I thought it's okay to watch it. I watched it with my dad. my little sister was with her friends, at the same mall, watching the same film but different rows. nothing special on it, imo.

then I watched Countdown. it's a Thai slasher film, kinda unsuitable for underage, and a bit nonsense, but delivering an excellent moral. moreover, it's my favorite actor who played as the main character. hahahaha! I watched it with my best friend. actually we're meeting the others, but we arrived earlier to watch 2 movies: Countdown and Parental Guidance. Countdown was my choice, and Parental Guidance was my best friend's choice. unfortunately, we could only watch Countdown :( sorry, I feel guilty for watching my choice only. we're about to watch Parental Guidance if the schedule matched :| I suggested to watch the our-own-chosen movie but she refused as she was also curious of Thai film. it's her first time watching Thai movie. hehehe

the third film was Gangster Squad. I watched it with my dad and my little sister. after taking my mom to her annual event, we went to watch Gangster Squad. I persuaded my dad that it's a good movie since it's about mafia and stuffs (and they said it's based on a true story), so he agreed. my little sister, of course, agreed too as she had no other choice. hahahahaha. Ryan Gosling is sweet as usual. his pairing with Emma Stone is the best. or second best after Rachel McAdams? whatever. they looked great. after watching it, I looked for their film titled 'Crazy Stupid Love', but still couldn't find it online (sorry, yes, I'm a pirate hahaha :|) well, overall Gangster Squad was great. I like those kind of movies. the old actors on it, Sean Penn and Josh Brolin, were badass! bamf, lol.

next was Chinese Zodiac or CZ12. a Jackie-Chan film. I watched it with my parents and my little sister. yea, parents. it's Jackie Chan, so..... but I like him too. his films never fail. I always laugh, no matter how full-of-action it is. the movie was perfect. the moral, the actors/actresses, the plot, great.

the next three days after watching CZ12, I watched two movies in one day: Parker and Hansel&Gretel. I watched them with my best friend (the one who watched Countdown with me) and her cousins. there's a saying in Indonesian "dunia tak selebar daun kelor" (in a simple meaning: the world is narrow, despite of the real meaning in Indonesian). one of her cousin is my ex-classmate in elementary! HAHAHA. damn. lol. okay, back to the movies. so we watched Parker first. a good one but JLo wasn't suitable for the character. Statham, as usual, MOFO. LMAO. they had bloody scenes which forced me to "ew" all the time. but it's awesome. hahaha. sorry for my bad taste :p

after Parker, we watched Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters on IMAX! YES, IMAX! IT WAS 88 MINUTES OF PERFECTION, HAVING JEREMY RENNER ON 3D. WHENEVER HE STARED AT THE CAMERA, HE'S LIKE LOOKING STRAIGHT AT ME. LMFAO. okay, I'm calm now. NO, I CAN'T CALM. AAAAAAAA!! RENNER WAS NAKED, though he's not naked like on 'Dahmer' or '12 and Holding', BUT STILL. hahahahaha. should stop before everyone's calling me a pervert. he has a perfect back dimple, fyi. lol. okay, stop.

that's all. I'd really like to watch Les Misérables, but couldn't make it in time. 5 CM, Habibie & Ainun (both are Indonesian movies, 5 CM is about nationalism while Habibie & Ainun is about our 3rd President's eternal love story) were also on my list, but couldn't watch them too. current movies which are still on the cinema which I wanna really watch are: Bullet to The Head and A Good Day to Die Hard. if I was with my dad a couple days ago, I'd had watch Die Hard, but wasn't with him so :(

and finally the holiday has come to an end..... tbh, I'm excited for the next semester. it's like "fuck si, I'm one more step ahead to Germany" hahahaha. gonna meet my friends very soon. like, srsly, having a hiatus like that was NOT good for me. and, oh, remind me to start saving money. need it much for next year! :D

“Life is too short to wake up with regrets. So love the people who treat you right. Forget about those who don’t. Believe everything happens for a reason. If you get a chance, take it. If it changes your life, let it. Nobody said life would be easy, they just promised it would most likely be worth it.” -Harvey MacKay


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