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my taste

now I'm going to "introduce" my men. LOL. they're all my inspiration. nope, idk. it's not really inspiration. heroes? nope. I don't know how to explain what they are to me. hahahaha

and these are my men. nope. none of you can take them home. sorry. hahaha. football players, actors, musicians, rarely fail me. so, I'll introduce them one by one; alphabetically.

Bastian Schweinsteiger
DOB: Kolbermoor, 1 August 1984

he's a football player of FC Bayern München (#31) and Germany National Team (#7), reason why I love 7. hahahaha. he's a wonderful midfielder. I always love his free kicks, especially against Ricardo (GK of Portugal NT). his are not like Beckham's but they're still good.

Chutavuth Pattarakampol
DOB: Bangkok, 21 March 1993

his nickname is March, maybe because he's born in March, and it's compatible with his first name 'Chutavuth'. he often writes his name 'Marchutavuth'. an actor, though he hasn't had many roles. he's handsome. lmao. never watched any of his film, but I've seen him in commercials and magazines. he has a photogenic face and it's nice.

Edward Thomas Hardy
DOB: Hammersmith, 15 September 1977

an actor who made his breakthrough on Inception. yes, dream within dream within dream within dream. hahaha. never heard of his name before it. after watching it, TOM HARDY YES BABY. LOL! then I watched some of his films: The Virgin Queen, Marie Antoinette, Scenes of a Sexual Nature (but never finished watching it), Stuart: A Life Backwards, RocknRolla, Bronson, The Take, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Warrior, Lawless, The Dark Knight. and I'm waiting for his next films. I read Wuthering Heights because of him. there's a TV movie titled the same just like the novel, he played as Heathcliff. wait until you found out what his body looks like....... and his accent........ the only sexy beast!

Heikki Houvinen
DOB: 16 September 1983

I still don't know much about him. he's a Finnish, Vettel's current personal trainer (PT). I fall for PT, because I think there's must be someone behind someone else's success. Heikki is one of them. not many people know him or maybe appreciate him, but I do. he's like man behind the superstar's shadow, but I really appreciate him.

Holger Badstuber
DOB: Memmingen, 13 March 1989

I'm not gonna give you other information about him. he's totally mine. LOL. so, he's a football player, plays for FC Bayern München  (#28) and Germany National Team (#14), as a defender. that's why I love 14 and 28. hahahaha. he is..... everything. I don't find any particular reason why I love him. he's simply amazing and wonderful. one day, if I'm in Germany, I'll find and track him. LMAO. it's one of my biggest dreams, meeting him personally. hehehehe *blush* and, I've noticed him since he was in FC Bayern München junior. one thing to remember, he doesn't look like Justin Bieber, though Bastian Schweinsteiger ever called him that way

Jason Statham
DOB: Shirebrook, 12 September 1967

an English actor, bamf, oh my..... though he's only 4 months older than my mom, he's still HOT. one of my best friend gonna pinch me for saying this. hahaha. check on the internet, his films are cool! I love em all. won't get bored if I'm asked to watch Transporter, Expendables, Mechanic again and again. he's great. and he's one of the reasons why I watch action movies.

Jeremy Lee Renner
DOB: Modesto, 7 January 1971

do I need to explain again? I think this is enough. hahahaha. well, he's an actor. fall for him since MI4. maybe if I watched Thor, I'd fall for him since it, but I didn't watch it, so :| for me, he's perfect. not talking about his physical appearance, but his acting. he's incredibly good. idk what else to say because he's too wonderful :'

Mario Gómez García
DOB: Riedlingen, 10 July 1985

a Spanish-German footballer, plays for FC Bayern München (#33) and Germany National Team (#23). his father is Spanish, while his mom is a German. if you're a girl, try to find his shirtless image. HIS BODY IS PARADISE. EL PARADISO, MAMI! hahahahahahaha. he has an excellent body. he's a fine Torjäger; the only Torschützenkönig.

Nicolas Hülkenberg
DOB: Emmerich am Rhein, 19 August 1987

a F1 racer. he hasn't shone as birght as other German F1 racers, but I'm sure he has a brilliant future. he's developing his racing skill. I've recognized him since he's still in F2. he showed his skill on F2, I hope he's gonna be just like him on F2; winning the races etc.

Oliver Rolf Kahn
DOB: Karlsruhe, 15 June 1969

the first and the only reason why I play and love football (soccer) very much. also the reason why I played as a GK and always fall for a GK, the reason why I love FC Bayern München and Germany NT. it was all started in 1999. he was a GK of FC Bayern München (1994-2008; retired) and Germany NT (1994-2006; retired). the best GK in the world, after Sepp Maier. he is my true hero. I learn a lot from him. what I am now, probably, is because of his influence. I do really admire him so much. he is my very first role model. his main character like punctual, discipline, ambitious, impatience, etc, have influenced me so much. those characters, imho, are the best characters if you wanna survive and win. he's like teaching me every time. his spirit and his objective point-of-view never fail. some of his facts: he is widely admired for the stamina he showed to overcome the stresses and pressures of his career. his profile on the Bayern München website lists his attributes as "impatient, disciplined, ambitious". in 2008, his wax figure in the Berlin branch of the Madame Tussaud museum was inaugurated. he is the subject of the song Olli Kahn by the German pop group Die Prinzen. due to the formidable presence and influence that he showed during his professional career, his epithet is "The Titan". LONG LIVE THE KING TITAN, OLLI KAHN!!

Pachara Chirathivat
DOB: Bangkok, 10 May 1993

love of my life! hahaha. he's an actor. I always watch his film, commercials, dramas, etc. he was only 17 when he started his acting career. started from Suckseed, The Billionaire, and recently, Countdown. he's one of brand ambassadors, along with Nichkhun (2PM's member). now he's filming My Melody 360 องศารัก and Hormones The Series. he's a vegetarian. he's very humble even he's a silver spoon. and his family are great. great means they're all humble and very kind. though I've never meet them personally. oh, his nickname is Peach. his mom said it's cute to have fruit nickname. his elder sister's nickname is Pear, while his little sister's nickname is Pine. it is cute, imho. and he's the only reason why I learn Thai. and when I was a kid, I've always dreaming of having a smart boy who is interested in music and sport. he plays guitar and keyboard. he plays football (soccer) and bowling. most perfect guy I've ever known so far.

Saul Hudson
DOB: Hampstead, 23 July 1965

give it up for SLASH, god of guitar! an ex-guitarist of Guns n Roses, the legendary band. now he's a member of Velvet Revolver. the only man why I love rock songs. he's the reason why I learn guitar; but fail. I'm not good at guitar, so I played bass instead (well, because of Duff McKagan too, actually hehehe). I play it no more, because of..... stuffs. but still, he's great, a perfect guitarist, and he's gonna rock your world! or at least my world. he's done it. I've talked about him a little here.

Sebastian Vettel
DOB: Heppenheim, 3 July 1987

another F1 racer. a future Rekordmeister of F1, imho. hahahahaha. eventually, he teaches me not to give up easily and to believe there's always a possibility and chance, even it's a small one. well, he's not the only one who teaches me those things. hehehe. one thing, he doesn't look like Justin Bieber at all.

Sunny Suwanmethanon
DOB: Bangkok, 18 May 1981

another Thai actor! hahahaha. yes, I'm so attracted to them. noticed him from the film 'Seven Something'. he looks..... cool. and I've found many videos of him. I really wanna watch The Bedside Detective; check the trailer :p then I found a link of his interview, I got thrilled and "well, his sayings are true. and some of them are..... so me." hahahaha!
Theeradej Wongpuapan
DOB: Bangkok, 3 December 1977

another Thai actor. Thai men are handsome! hahaha. his nickname is Ken. first time noticed him on Bangkok Traffic Love Story. a good film, but no particular moral. he's portrait-ed as a smart guy, that's why I fall for him. he's good looking too. I looked up for some info about him, and wow. he was in many films. I think I need to watch them all. hahaha

Thomas Müller
DOB: Weilheim i.OB, 13 September 1989

I always love #13. then he appeared on the field, wearing the #13 of Germany NT. instant love! hahaha. I've noticed him since he was in FC Bayern München junior. now he's wearing #25 in FC Bayern München, and still on #13 on NT. his breakthrough on WC2010 was brilliant. youngster who scored 5 goals in 4 matches during WC2010, he got the Golden Shoe! I'm so proud! he can't stop talking. he himself admits it. his teammate, Bastian Schweinsteiger, also admits it. even one of his wishes in 2013 is for Thomas to stop talking all the time. hahahaha. Thomas is cute. he often does childish things.

Tommi Pärmäkoski
DOB: Riihimäki, 4 September 1983

former PT of Sebastian Vettel. the reason why I appreciate Heikki Houvinen. now he's a ice-hockey coach. he's truly someone behind the (future) legend. I adore everything he does. lol. I'm such a creep. hahaha. the first Finnish I love.

Toni Kroos
DOB: Greifswald, 4 January 1990

Oliver Kahn said he had a very bright future in his career. I fall for him directly. it's around 2002-ish, if I'm not mistaken. he plays for FC Bayern München, wearing #39, and for Germany NT, wearing #18. he's handsome and has a nice body. I'd always like to ask him how to keep his grooming during and after the game. LMAO. he's great and really has a very bright future. I have a high expectation on him, and hope he won't disappoint me. hahah xD

Vasin Asvanarunat
DOB: Bangkok, 15 June 1991

drummer of Rooftop, a Thai band. I barely know him much. idek his birth year. hmm..... he looks good and nice. drummers always have place in my heart as they're the king of the band. the only band member who sits during the shows. I'm a Leo, so I deserve a king. LMFAO. nah, he's cute, friendly, nice, awesome, etc.

and if you're wondering why I put half faces, it's because I want you to get curious then look them up on google. one-eye doesn't mean Illuminati or etc. it's simply because I want you to get curious :p

more men are coming.............. hahahahaha!

please do leave comments if you have any questions about them or myself on why liking/love them, or maybe you have some corrections of their info.

hope these men eventually give you some good effects. there are many other people who are really inspiring. these men are my inspirations. and I like them all. love them all. remember, don't take Badstuber or Chirathivat cos both are MINE. hahahahah!

"Be yourself no matter what. Some people will adore you and some will hate everything about you. But who cares? It’s your life. Make the most out of it." -anonymous


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