Freitag, 8. März 2013

busy days

yeah, I'm back. only for a while. hahahaha. so, my 4th semester has already started. hectic weeks so far. have class on 7AM for two days: Monday and Friday, which is sucks! Monday, it's just the beginning of the week. Friday, it's near weekend, cmon maaaaaaaannnnnnnn!!

I live near my university, it's only around 5' to get there. yet everyday is still tiring. the tight schedule is very tiring. I always wanna have a break for the whole one day; though it's only been 2weeks. LOL. new lecturers, new teaching style, new lectures, new classmates, I hope they all work well.

I'm an advisor of my university's House of Representatives. I involve in some clubs, which make my days busier. but I'm very happy with all my activities :) my university is using ECTS which forces me to study 8 subjects. usually, here in Indonesia, we study at university for 4 years. we do too, but there's one year of internship that makes us study theoretically only for 3 years. materials for 4 years are pressed into 3-year study.

so far, I think I'm doing good enough. and I hope I do well for the rest. there are still 12 weeks to go. I know I can do it! *yayayay!!*

it's only a short post for this one. too tired to type. hahahaha. I'll update some more soon! :D

btw, thanks for the pageviews. I didn't really expect that despite my rare posts, there are still people who read it. thank you so much! :*

"One of the most common causes of failure is the habit quitting when one is overtaken buy temporary defeat." -Napoleon Hill


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