Dienstag, 19. März 2013

shit happens

oops. so sorry for the impolite title. but yea, shit happens. it's just been 4 weeks of classes, I got tired already........... damn. hahahah! still 10 weeks to go..... 1 week of silent week, 2 weeks of final exam..... it's a long~ long~ journey~

well, I can't expect good things keep happening. and yes, shit happens. the schedule are messed up. until now, I haven't had a fix schedule which makes me worry; or in our 'slang' is "harap harap cemas" aka "H2C". hahahah!

the House of Representative thingy goes well until now. last week, I had a meeting of Business Association. I'm assigned as the head of IBEF (IBA Business Entrepreneurship Fair). I missed the 3rd week of Photography Club meeting, though actually I'm an unofficial member. LOL. German Club doesn't work well..... there's a Futsal Club for Girls, but, again, shit happens. I can't join it as a player because my injury. well, maybe I can go as a coach. HAHAHA. nay, I'm not that good. I still need to learn more. so, not everything goes great.

quizzes has started. so far so good. I guess. many group tasks to do..... different subject, different group. hope I remember who my partners are. sorry, short-term memory. hohohoho. I need to make presentations and reports. oh! one of my lecturer gave us a task........ we have to make a website, promoting our products. "our products" are stationeries. hope it won't be a problem. your pro blogger is here! hahahaha. nah, I'm kidding.

today, I went to check the boys' futsal. they're doing great. at least better than me. ARGH. WISH I COULD GO BACK TO THE FIELD AS A PLAYER. nothing to regret tho. I'm good now. maybe I should go back to the doctor. maybe he allows me to play bowling. hahahahah! or maybe not.

I'm planning to play badminton this Friday. hope the sporthall is available. I'm pretty sure playing badminton will ease my tight schedule. ah yea, the 4th-week schedule is hell. starts early, back late. I'm not supposed to whining but.............. ;_______________;

I'll be back with a better post. hahahaha. sorry for wasting your time by reading this worthless post. have a great day/night! :*

thank you and sorry for those who checked my blog but there was no update yet. hehehe.

I FINALLY HAVE NICO'S SIGN. YES. THAT F1 RACER. no, not Nico Rosberg. but NICO HÜLKENBERG. WEEHEE! here's the pic. please do ignore my creepy face. big thanks to my best friend who got it for me :' it's the one who accompanied me watching Parker and Hansel&Gretel. THANK YOU.

"Just keep believing. This is an opportunity where great things can happen and lets be great right now. Everybody believe and we went out there and achieved it because our faith and our relentlessness to keep fighting." -Tim Tebow


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