Mittwoch, 24. April 2013

mid-term semester


*inhale* *exhale*

time flies so fast. now I'm at 9 out of 14 weeks. so many quizzes and tasks I've done. the mid-term transcript has been released. and the result was..... not okay. I didn't expect that my score would be that bad. well..... shit happens, huh? hahaha. but I don't lose. no, the links are not really relevant, but those are my posts. damn. something wrong with me.

there are 7 subjects on my 4th semester; plus 1 subject as "mandatory" extracurricular subject. there are 23 SKS (Indonesian credits), which is equal to 30 ECTS (European credits). my weeks always busy, but I still always have time for internal cup and other organizations thingy. hohohoho. maybe it's because I prioritize them a little bit more than my academic study. it's not right, people. don't do this to yourself. so, from those 8 subjects, as I said before, the result is disappointing.

enough blabbering. it doesn't change my score.

about the internal cup..... woohoo! my campus have many talented sportsmen (and women). it's good and nice to know it. I hope they do well on the competitions, especially at SGU Cup 2013. idk if we will hold it; it's out of my capacity. I hope other MPM-BEM executives will consider it as it's an annual event of SGU. I'm waiting for it too anyway~

back to internal cup..... yea, they're all great. I didn't know they could play that great. hahahaha. sorry for underestimating :p especially my class. I didn't know that they can play futsal that fast. maybe I should record their match. *salute* even my team has never played that way. they are good like really really good. I hope we could win the internal cup! :D

"Never underestimate the capacity of another human being to have exactly the same shortcomings you have." -Leigh Steinberg


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