Samstag, 4. Mai 2013

be careful

on what you wish for. just be careful. yep. don't let your emotion control your words or your wishes. especially those who are short-tempered.

couple days ago (well around 1-2weeks ago actually hehehe) I met two boys. to be exact, I just really really paid attention on them. not bad. they're looking good; especially on the field. their styles forced me to get back on the field, which I can't. it hurts, but seeing them playing gave me such a great satisfaction. thank you for bringing me back to the golden-era memory :) and oh, I have to admit, in short, they stole my attention.

and so, I asked my best friend to take a lot of pics of them, then send them all to me. she did it, which makes me giggling every night before I go to bed. hahaha. the first time I had their pics, I told her, "I'll take a photo with them. I'll stand in the middle. well, or maybe just one of them. the point is I'll take a pic with them."

and there's a night I unintentionally said, "why don't you appear in my dream..... hahahahaha!" my best friend responded it with a laugh too. then I slept. in the morning, I told her that I didn't even dream. LOL. I still said, "why oh why you didn't appear in my dream lolololol"

that day, I took a very short nap. it's like only 30-40minutes. I DREAMED. he "appeared". in my dream, there's a notification on my facebook that one of the boys just hit 'like' button on my photo. on the photo which he's on it. I was shocked like really really shocked. I barely could differentiate if it's a dream. I ran to my phone and checked my photo album. and yep, there's no notification; I don't even upload his photo. phew.....

since then, I believe that God really listens on every word I say. before it happened, I was just "meh I know God listens" but not..... well, you know; it's not this strong. He just gave me a shock therapy. hahahaha *blush*

I also said that I'd take a pic of them. on the final game day, I sat near them. my best friend offered me, "there they are. wanna take a pic now? it's a suitable time!" I just laughed. I declined her offer. I decided to take a pic after the games. when the games finished, I doubted my own desire. it's hard to take a pic with those two. one of them is not really comfortable with a total stranger. I ended up taking a pic with the other one. TWO PICS. HEHEHEHE. thanks to my best friend and his friend (who is my friend too lol) who "helped" me to get a picture with him. hihihihi

well, God listens. every word we say, He knows. just be careful on what you wish for. don't say any stupid wish just because you're angry or sad. don't let your emotions control you. it's you who have to control them. and I always say this over and over again, if you have something you really want, have faith in it.
we are so human, He is so God.

"Why wait for 11:11 when God listens 24/7?" -anonymous


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