Dienstag, 18. Juni 2013

after final exams

YAY! FINALLY! I'M SO DONE WITH THOSE FINAL EXAMS!! WAHOO!! well, I'm afraid I need to go for a repetition exam since I couldn't do well on one subject. but let's hope no repetition. AMEN! and I'm wishing all the best of luck to my friends who are still 'struggling' with final exams. do your very best, guys! I know you all can do it. break a leg!

this semester is probably the worst one. I'm not planning to have another bad semester. watch my words, guys. I'm not gonna remiss. yea, I admit, I disregarded the lessons. I went to watch futsal and basketball matches, malls, spent too much time on internet (even during final exams week LOL). just passed the final exams, there's nothing I can do to fix my mistakes. I'm just hoping that I have no repetition exam and I pass my German interview. then I can deal with my two big projects: Orientation Week 2013 and IBEF 2013. and I think those two will be my last projects I handle during my time at campus.

for Orientation Week 2013, I'm the elected head (yay! thanks guys!). I need to prepare all the stuffs. glad I have a wonderful team. I'm sure we can deal with it excellently! I can't promise it's gonna be smooth and perfect. but I promise we're doing our best. the orientation itself is held on 19-23 August. I consider this as a big event since it's related to my campus' image and it's an "external" event. hope we're doing well on this one ;D dear new students, if you accidentally read this post, please be prepared. no worry, we're not letting you do stupid stuffs. no physical abuse, no weird activities; just enjoy the events that we're preparing right now. hope you guys will have the most exciting orientation ever! 

for IBEF 2013 (IBA Business Entrepreneurship Fair; IBA stands for International Business Administration), I'm appointed by the Head of IBA Department to be the project manager (yay! thanks for your trust on me, madam!). it's also a big event as it's the annual event of IBA; again, related to campus' image, to be particular: IBA's name. there's no way I handle it perfunctorily. the IBEF 2012 went quite well. the lecturers were satisfied. I won't degrade from it, and will try to meet their expectation. hahahah. sorry, I'm being ambitious and stuffs. heheh. anyway, that's all about IBEF, for now. I'll tell you more later.

last night, I remember the boy. yep, that boy; who moved out from my campus. I cried. I know, I'm such a crybaby. but I couldn't hold it, okay..... and I think it's time to move on. I can't spend my holidays crying. hohoho. well, again, good luck on your studies, A. hope everything goes well. and I do still want to meet you; personally. I know, we don't know each other; we only know our names. hahaha. but I really do wish there's a time for us to meet and talk and blah.

I'm going to watch Now You See Me with my best friend. I hope there's no obstacle this time. we really wanna watch it, so..... please, please, let us watch it :p can't wait for the magic tricks. it's only trick, but still, they're all entertaining. Jesse Eisenberg, Dave Franco, Isla Fisher, WAIT FOR ME. hahahah! xD

currently, I'm (re)watching all KevJumba's and nigahiga's videos. please do check JumbaFund too; every view counts to charity. wish I could do things they do. recording videos for fun and doing charity at the same time. maybe I'll start recording videos next year (but not like Jumba and Higa do). I'm having this small chitchat with my best friend about the recording. find it out later, okay? :p

also, I'm (re)reading Conan; the detective manga. it's fun! hahaha! I'm reading Naruto too. it's getting closer to the end, I guess. every chapter is getting more exciting.

I think that's all for now. I'm recently not in a good mood, shape, and health. things happen. the only thing I can do is hoping they're all not getting worse. and pray, I guess. I should not skip a single time to pray. dear God, be it done unto me according to Your word.

I'm designing some t-shirts. it's not designing like a pro designer. I can't do that. hahaha. it's only simple design. I use texts because I love typography. then I'm gonna print it on my t-shirts. I'll have my customised t-shirts YAY! no one has it except me. MUAHAHAHAHA! oops.
just submitted this to support my all-time favourite football player, Holger Badstuber, who is now dealing with injury and  probably couldn't play for 10-12months; ignore my bad handwriting hehehe
I sincerely thank you for the postcard; it's been a very good doping for me to study :) sorry if I didn't do my very best on this semester
have a good life, friends! :D

"The brightest future will always be based on a forgotten past, you can't go on well in life until you let go of your past failures and heartaches." -Amir Ghimire


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