Mittwoch, 12. Juni 2013

gloomy Wednesday

hi, fellas. I'm having my final exams week right now. so far so good, I guess. hehehe. wish me tons of luck! ;)

yesterday (Tue 11/6) was English. thank God it has never been a problem for me. but I found something odd. my friends' names were crossed out (it's A and B). I wondered why.

I found the answer this afternoon, right before the exam started. it's a shocking one. I was so surprised that I couldn't concentrate on my exam. around first 10' I just read the questions over and over again, I couldn't think clearly. I realised that my eyes were wet. I got back to my concious state. I needed to finish my exam well. I did it.

after the exam, I met my friend and told her what happened. I couldn't hold my tear, but I think she didn't see it. I met my best friend, told here about it too, and I really really couldn't take it anymore. I cried a little. it'd be very suspicious if I cried loudly at campus. hohoho!

at home, actually I planned to study for tomorrow's exam. but, again, I couldn't. I cried. wondering why it happened to them; to A, especially. sorry, B. doesn't mean  I don't care about you. I do care. but I have my priority on A :p

my eyebags are getting darker and darker. and now they're swollen. LOL. I'm such a crybaby. *deep sigh* I think it's another time for me to learn how to face consequences. well, well, well. thank you for your existence. thank you for the chance to know you. thank you for the short interaction. thank you for everything.

dear A, I know I'm no one. you don't know who I am. I don't know the real you. I can't read mind. I don't know what you think. if you read this, please, wherever you are, even we don't know each other, please notice that I always support you. there's no single second I doubted you. I know you can do it. tons of best wishes and good luck at your new place, friends, environment. so this is goodbye(?) hope it's not. I still wanna meet you. maybe not at campus, but at some other places :) and, oh, I do still love you. but, yea, here I am, still adoring you from afar. hehehe

I'm so gonna miss you a lot
“Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss


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