Mittwoch, 17. Juli 2013

getting back to past routine - holiday part four

on the last part, I told you guys that I finally had something to work on. and yep. it's an old routine; for my own sake, so I've started it again since last Monday. hope everything's going well ;) but now my whole body is aching. naaawww.....

TUESDAY. it's my (Chinese-lunar-calendar) birthday.  nothing really special tho. hahaha. we're more celebrating the solar-calendar birthday one, so..... yeah. nothing special. on Tuesday night, we had a slight and informal dinner with my mom's ex-colleague. nice dishes :9 hahaha. meeting my mom's colleagues (who are mostly Filipino; yay!) always makes me wanna go there. or maybe enroll my master degree there. I'm still aiming for a scholarship in Thailand, or Germany of course, but Philippines sounds great. everything's worth a try. wish me luck anyway! :D

I held a meeting today. I'm glad that my team are concerned. thank you for your presence, guys! things happened; including the stupid one. hahaha. and sicne I was at my campus, I took my reference letter. yay! all I need to do is can the letter, and ready to apply for job! well, not really. I haven't revised my cover letter and CV yet. hahaha. need to focus on those two.

everything seems rushed. but it's fine. it teaches me how to be more effective and efficient on using my time better. hope everything's worth in the end :)

I miss someone out there. been a while since our last normal conversation. hahaha. yo, you, if you read this, I miss you. I miss our talk. I miss our quarrel, random talk, late-night talk (because I have to adjust to your after-work time meh hehehe); naaahhhh I miss everything! hahaha. weird; it is. but I love it. everything is different without our small talk :) if you stop giving me attention, other guy will do. nah, jk. iLoveu! :*

oleee~ I'm going to meet my high school friends tomorrow~ woohoo! I think it's a good idea to hang out sometimes; moreover, I'm still on my holiday, braaaahhhh!! yep, definitely, I need to go out, chatting with my old friends face-to-face-ly (is it proper?), forget everything else for a while. nah, no can do. I have deadline on Friday. but I'm sure I could manage it ;)

and I have to state this: this is my very first time I'm interested in USA. usually, I was just..... well, yea, it's US, so? now, I'm a bit more..... AAAAAAAAA!! I HAVE TO GO THERE SOMEDAY; ALONE. some people make me wanna go there so bad. hmph. too many things to achieve. but I don't need to pay to dream, right? yea, you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. and the world will live as one. thanks John Lennon.

"You are going to live a good and long life filled with great and terrible moments that you cannot imagine yet." -Augustus Waters (The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, 2012)


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