Montag, 1. Juli 2013

hello July!

hi, guys! it's been a while since umm my last post..... in Bahasa. hehehe. I'm really sorry for you guys who were trying to keep up with my update but you couldn't understand the language. yea, you should learn Bahasa Indonesia. it's not that hard. okay, it's hard. even me myself can't speak Bahasa very well. I use too much slang in my daily life, so..... yep. but you can ask me if you need help on your Bahasa. LOL. probably not.

so, as you know, as I posted it hereI'm (re)watching some videos on youtube. besides those three channels, now I'm also watching three other channels: theDOMINICshow, victorvictorkim, and Wong Fu Productions. they're all friends/associated with Ryan Higa (nigahiga; also check his second channel: HigaTV) and Kevin Wu (kevjumba; don't forget to check JumbaFund because every view counts to charity). I'm really glad and grateful they exist. their videos are my little sweet escape; from reality. I do always smile, even a slight one, whenever I watch their videos. fux problems; I don't give a damn. yeah, thank you for your existences, guys. it means a lot for me. sorry for not keeping up with your updates for the last 3 years. I'm paying back for it. now I'm watching and rewatching all your videos.

and..... JULY! just..... be a good month. July last year was not so good that broke my heart into pieces; and will break my heart again for the rest of my life. but just don't fail on me, guys. be good, 7. I'm counting on you.

remember I'm talking about recording videos and stuffs? yeah. my very first video probably will come out in January 2014. I'm planning to run a vlog (video blog) about daily things I do. I'll post it on youtube; gonna tell you my channel later, k? :p the video itself probably only lasts around 10'-15'. I hope I don't bore you. and wish me luck. video etc totally not my thing, so..... yep. hahahaha

I'd also like to thank and extend my deepest gratitude to my viewers/readers. the total pageview for June 2013 is:
ups and downs
thank you so much for keeping up with my blog. I'm really sorry if this blog isn't a bit meet your expectation. sorry for blabbering and acting like I'm the wisest person in this world. please pardon my English, and any other language I use on this blog. thank you for the feedbacks. and don't forget to leave comments on the posts. they're mean a lot for me. I'm trying to be better and better, especially on developing my personality and writing skill.

“God gave you a gift of 84,600 seconds today. Have you used one of them to say thank you?” -William Arthur Ward


*edited (01.07.13, 17.45): HELL YEAH, GUYS! I PASSED THE GERMAN ORAL TEST! WOOHOO! GERMANY, HERE I COME!! well, actually more to "YES! I'M GONNA HAVE MY INTERNSHIP IN GERMANY!". God is good. He never disappoint me. OYEAH! thank you for everyone who has supported me endlessly. love you! :*
trust me, guys. it's my name. and for some reasons I couldn't not blur it (and my university's name also). or probably you've known my name and where I study at. hahaha. well, it doesn't matter. and, oh, I'm really glad that ALL my BEST FRIENDS are having THE SAME RESULT AS ME. YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!! congratulations, guys! good job! we're going to Germany together. forever. and ever. LOL!

*edited (02.07.13, 14.22): AND..... my 4th semester result has just been released. it's disappointing, tbh. I really didn't do my best, even far from well. so, I guess, this is it: the consequences of having too much fun. yep. I'm so sorry for disappointing my parents, my sister, and some of my friends who are actually has expected more than this. terribly sorry, guys. I promise I'll do much much more better than this. but I'm still glad that I don't have to repeat my exam *phew* but yea, it's a bad result. my GPA is decreasing, from 1st semester, 2nd, increased on 3rd, but decreasing again on 4th. I should..... umm..... well. okay. that's all.

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