Mittwoch, 24. Juli 2013

those sweet little things

a dream is literally weird, isn't it? I just had a dream. it's a very random one. I didn't know where/when/how it started. what I remember is: I was having a dance practice in a studio. I was with my junior-high-school friends. there were some other from various schools. after practicing, Mike Song came towards me then he hugged me! still with his sweat all over his body. hahaha. hope you remember Mike Song, I've shared a little about him here. that's the only point I wanna tell you. the rest is unimportant. HAHAHAHA!

I didn't and never expect that I'd had a dream with Mike Song in it. that's beyond my..... yea. and the dream was so clear that I could feel his warm hug, his humbleness, his calm voice, and his positive aura. wish it became real tho. hahaha. it won't be. because I don't dance. never really tried it out. maybe I should try it some day. hehehe

I tweeted Mike Song that I had dream with him in it. he didn't reply or retweet it but he favorited it! WOOHOO! that's one thing I didn't expect he gon do too. hahahah. my morning was so great. should I go back to sleep so that I could continue the dream? bahahaha

this means a lot to me, thanks Mike Song! :D
hahh~ I had never been noticed by celebrities. it's because I had protected my twitter account since I had it. I just unprotected it these several weeks. I got some replies from some of them.
from ISA TV; collaboration of Wong Fu Production and Far East Movement
from Denny Sumargo, basketball player
so, yea, I think I'm gonna open my twitter account from now. getting replies from them make me feel great. hahaha. not every my tweets are getting replied. but, yea, at least I tried ;)

the reply tweet from Denny Sumargo was basically because I just watched 5CM (yes, the Indonesian box office movie, just like I told you here; and oh, I watched Habibie&Ainun too!). I said that the movie was handsome, and so was he. he laughed a bit and said thank you. HOHOHO. hahahah. this is me getting crazy. okay, I should calm. I put the wikipedia link about Denny Sumargo. it only contains a little information. I suggest you to load the Indonesian page here, than translate it into English.

AND BRIAN HIRANO ALSO REPLIED MY TWEET!!! OMG. I'M LITERALLY THRILLED!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!! I CAN'T CALM!! *inhale* *exhale* Brian Hirano is one of the members of Quest Crew. maybe you recognize them from ABDC; Quest Crew is the champion of ABDC season 3.
thanks, Hirano! you just made my night! :D
oops. mistype. I mean 'thank you for the reply btw'. hahahah. too happy. sorry :p

my very first tweet to a celebrity was to Rann Jaruthassanakul. he's a Thai, the bassist of Rooftop. I always have "connection" to a bassist; since I was one(?) hahaha. 
I said, "hello. greetings from Indonesia. good luck."
I didn't know what to say. HAHAHA. idek why I wished him goodluck. LOL. well, yea, goodluck for everything, I guess. hehehe. the second time he replied my tweet was on his birthday. I greeted him, and he replied my tweet.
hahh~ so glad that they're all cool with their fans. thank you, guys! you don't know how much they meant to me. thank you for the sweet little things you did to me :D

"No dreamer is ever too small; no dream is ever too big." -anonymous


*edited (26.07.13, 07.23): ISA TV, once again, made me happy in the morning! they retweeted my tweet :') and Andrew J. Fung himself also favorited my tweet! YAY! hahaha. thanks, guys! :D
check their official website and youtube channel
it's @andrewjfung, go, go!

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