Mittwoch, 31. Juli 2013

too much talking - holiday part nine

what? part nine? where's seven and eight? can't you count?

here's seven, and here's eight. hahaha.

today is my twitter anniversary. yaaayyyy~ been four years on twitter. according to twitter counter, I'm now on #42,804,009 worldwide. the latest condition of my twitter when I'm writing this is: 149,781 tweets, follows 136, 138 followers. yea, I'm not really a nice person. I don't have many followers. nah jk. people in my society normally do follow for follow which is so not me. I follow because I like it, not because I wanna be followed back. and they also refuse to follow someone else they know first. maybe they wanna feel 'wanted'? nah, idk; idc. in short, gaining followers/friends on any social network is NOT my goal.

almost 150K tweets; hmm. too much talking. hahaha. yep, I spent my times mostly on twitter. talking to my high school friends via twitter, especially. recently, I'm not really on twitter. well, I'm still on twitter; and that's the fastest way to talk to me on virtual world, comparing to facebook/blogspot/youtube/etc. but I'm no longer too active on it.

in order to reduce my trash talk on twitter (hahaha), I bought another book. weehee~ another book from Sterling Publishing, just like this one. now I'm going to read.....
"The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes"! still, it's a retold one from the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle original. just like the other book, the font size is bigger, it's simpler because it's a retold one, so it's easier to read. anyone who read it won't get bored easily because they have pictures. hahaha. the target market is for children, that's why the books are like that. I'm a child *blush* nah, I just feel I don't really wanna read recently. but I have to read something, so I chose children's book.

this holiday..... I haven't done anything productive, imo. so I decided to make friendship bracelets. it's just like another bracelet except it's a handmade, and usually the maker gives it to other friends. it shows 'sacrifice' that a friend can do to his/her friends; like an offering(?) a gift for your friend. there.
made this five years ago
it's easy to make this bracelet. just google it (thanks google!) and it shows many patterns of the bracelets. the one on the picture is the first very common pattern. I made another pattern (V-pattern) but I forgot where I put it. hahaha. V-pattern is the second most common. I found the basic instruction for v-pattern on honestlywtf. if you wanna make heart-pattern, here. or something different than the common one, here. I bought a friendship bracelet on a local store. it looks like this one, but the colours are red, orange, and yellow. click here for more patterns!

remember I said that I was gonna write something? yea, I'm doing it. it's a script. my very first script, tbh. I wrote novels (that have never been published because I never submit it) before. for now, I'm trying to write scripts. hope it doesn't take long for only one script. and as I said before too, I really hope that this is gonna be my turning point in life. wish me luck :D

“If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you.” -A.A. Milne (Winnie-the-Pooh, 1926)


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