Samstag, 27. Juli 2013

twenty-first name day


for any of you who HAVEN'T wish me a happy birthday, DO IT NOW! LEAVE IT ON COMMENT SECTION BELOW. nah, I'm kidding. for me, birthday is a sign/reminder that my life span is just reduced for another one year.

I'm 20 now. why the title is 'twenty first'? let's count it back quickly. I was born in 1993, now is 2013; 2013 minus 1993 equals 20. but it doesn't count my very first name day: in 1993 itself. confused? don't be. it's a simple counting :p

so, as I told you on this post, I wrapped some small-and-simple parcels for my classmates on my German course. well, yeah, I think they liked it. hahaha :p they sang happy birthday song in German. TAUSEND DANK! :D

back to my birthday thingy (yay! hahaha). so, umm, yea, imo birthday is a sign/reminder that my life span has just been reduced for another year. it's a signal for me to do something worth.

everyone, especially God, has been giving me beautiful things in my life. first time I woke up this morning, the amazing God just gave me the greatest birthday gift: another second, minute, hour, day to live. it's such an awesome birthday gift that no other gift can beat it.

it's a beautiful day. it rained a bit, but didn't matter. I had a birthday..... what do you call a meal between lunch and dinner? yeah, I had a birthday meal-between-lunch-and-dinner with my amazing family, which is also a wonderful gift from God. then I had the birthday cake! yay! it's a fruit cake. because we all love fruits. hahahaha. I rarely have birthday cake because..... idk, I just always refuse to have a birthday cake on my birthday. I myself don't even know why. lol

my friends greeted me happy birthday. THANKS A LOT, GUYS! a very simple greeting made my day even brighter! :D my very best friends made me some edited photos. LOL. they're just simply and amazingly creative.
google also greeted me :p
when I was on my way to the German course, I read an article. it's Kevin's blog entry. then I decided to send him a message. I'll let you know what my full message was once he replies me. hehehe :p

btw, thanks for the pageviews for this month. it hasn't ended yet, but so many of you read this blog. kinda beyond of my expectation. thanks anyway! :D

AND, OH, I ALMOST FORGOT. my favorite football (soccer) team is playing for the German Super Cup. I really hope that they win the cup. DO IT FOR MY BIRTHDAY! hahahaha. no, not for my birthday, but for every fans out there. please win it, guys!

“Better to have to retrace your steps and then move forward than never to move forward at all.” -Anne Burack Sayre (The Birthday Book Club Snatching: The Melinda & Simon Series, 2011)


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