Mittwoch, 14. August 2013

ba dum tss


so, yeah, I'm going back to uni very soon. the new semester actually starts on 26 August. but I have an event, called Orientation Week, which I and my friends handle for 5 days; right before the new semester starts. Orientation Week, basically, is an introduction for the new students about the university; including the academic, facilities, organizations, clubs, etc. I am excited. we are all excited. many things occurred during the preparation but nothing is a big deal. we've worked hard on it, so we're expecting there will be no significant problem during the event. wish us luck!

new semester's coming~ now I'm only a semester away from my internship in Germany. it's not easy to get job there, especially we're foreigners. let's talk about it later. anyway, my seniors are going back to uni for their 7th semester; can't wait to see them back. and since I'm entering my third year in uni, no more playing. time to get more serious. no more too much hanging out, no more fangirling like this, no more decreasing GPA like this. in short, I won't have time for anything else that may reduce my academic performance.

I've always wanted to go to Germany, alone (well yea, with my friends). you guys probably know this post. the main reason why I've always wanted to go there. and this one. I probably have chance to meet them, right? HOHOHO. there's another small reason why I wanna go there. this reason appeared recently. I'm tired of some stuffs. I just wanna end the 5th semester quickly, do the internship well on the 6th semester, then BAM! I'll be in 7th semester; smells a little freedom for me. I'll be focusing on my OFSE (Oral Final Study Examination; our uni has this OFSE to 'filter' whether we're allowed to do the thesis). wish me luck! hope everything goes well so I could have my bachelor degree in 2015. AMEN TO THAT!!

and since the new semester is up, I probably won't post many. maybe only around four posts in a month; one post per week (probably on Sunday, posting about whole-week recap). I'm trying to write more, but, yeah, we'll see. if I could manage my time well, I can post more. if I'm really busy, terribly sorry, I won't be here a lot.

including this one, I think I've mentioned this thing thrice: I'm writing. yep, first one here, second one's here. I finally done the writing. WOOHOO! my very first script. I know it's waaaaayyyyy long overdue, but at least I finished it, huh? hahaha. actually it could be done in 1-2days. procrastination at its finest, guys. damn. well, this is me whenever I write: hard to start, stop in the middle, I can't stop whenever I start it again even I don't even know how to brake my idea (that probably could go randomly), don't how to end it. the script is a random idea of mine which I wrote it in 18 pages. I sent it to someone; hopefully they read it. so..... YAY!

there's one thing that makes me happy that holiday is over soon. I won't get fatter anymore. holiday is such a period when I could get fat and fatter. I'm glad it's over.

and, before it's too late, I wanna thank you guys who have read my blog. for last month, I hit highest pageview so far. all thanks to you. hope my posts give something to you and your life; even it's only a little impact.
almost hit 700! 7 is one of my favourite numbers
"I may love to shop, but I'm not buying your bullshit." -anonymous


P.S.: please do excuse my tardiness. I just watched Dim Sum Song, by the Fung Brothers. simple and very ear-catching! Andrew is dope! make sure you subscribe their youtube channel, check their official website, follow Andrew's and David's twitter; they're also on instagram: Andrew - David, like their facebook page, and, hey, they're on tumblr too! make sure you go check them out!

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