Sonntag, 1. September 2013

first week of the 5th semester

HI, GUYS! it's been a week, hasn't it? so, my 5th semester has already started since 26 August. it was hella fun. I got free day on Friday; literally no class at all. but last Wednesday’s classes were from 7 in the morning until 5 in the evening. I still have 2-hour break, but it’s tiring. at some of my classes, there are five German students who are having their classes at my university. it's great since I could learn more about Germany from them. networking is very important nowadays. hope they enjoy the classes as much as I do.

I miss someone who I couldn't meet for the next one year. see you in 2014!(?) :' hahaha. but, seriously, I can't meet him for one year. or maybe I still have chance to see him if he goes to campus someday. oh, how am I gon survive....... LOL! nah. I saw him since Wednesday during the orientation week. his presence really made my day. thank you again, Le! me gon miss you so much. please be good :D

next week, my seniors are getting themselves back at uni. can't wait to meet them soon! I'm waiting for my chocolate! hahahaha!

anyway, here’s a recap for the last week:

Monday, 26 August 2013
first day of last semester before having an internship abroad. I don’t know how to feel; happy, sad, nervous, confused, etc. I hope I'm not the only one. hahaha. first time seeing my schedule: HOLY GOD! it's true that I have a free day on Friday but I'd be so busy the other four days.
this semester, we have some German friends who are studying some subjects with us. it's great! hope we can broadened our network and friendship :D
after the class, the Student Organization held a meeting. the very first meeting of the semester on the very first day. nice one. we shouldn't postpone stuffs, huh?
I got two other birthday presents! THANKS, GUYS! yayayayay! PRESENTS!! hahaha. so grateful to have friends who know me well. and thank you for the birthday wishes, guys! much appreciated! :D
oh, me and my best friends wore same casual tshirt. here's the pic:
nah, y'all no need to know the faces :p
Tuesday, 27 August 2013
classes and classes. nothing much special. hahaha. an event I handled just passed. next event is coming; IBEF or IBA (International Business Administration) Business Entrepreneurship Fair. it probably will be the last event I handle before I leave all the organizations and committees behind. I met two of my lecturers to talk about it. the event will be held in November. we need to work fast.
after the IBEF meeting, I held the very last meeting with my orientation week committee. it's basically I just wanna thank them for their great effort and hard work. I almost cried at the end since I didn't believe that it's over; the event itself wasn't that bad. thanks again, guys!
this day, I walked a lot more than usual. extremely tired both physically and mentally. emotionally fine tho. hahaha. but couldn't imagine how the next day would be.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013
MOST TIRING DAY OF THE WEEK! the first class started at 7, the last class ended at 17. I had 2-hour break but it's still super tiring. and I didn't use my break to have my lunch. there's something I need to talk about with one of my seniors. glad to have seniors like them who are always fine and humble to share their thoughts and experiences. someday I'll be like you guys, but on my own way. thank you so much for helping me since the very first day I join the Student Organization; House of Student Representative to be exact.
at night, I texted one of my seniors who is still in Europe. he's going back home soon! can't wait! can't wait! :3
I got some new books which I'll use them for this semester. THEY ARE ALL HEAVY! so heavy that when I take out one of the books from my bag, it becomes much more lighter. *deep sigh*
before going home, I watched the football training at my uni. watched it with good friends of mine. we told stories a lot. a very shocking one came from his side. oops, yea, most of my good friends are male. the females are my best friends! I feel more comfortable to have more male friends because basically they don't do dramas. and they're honest; too honest that could hurt me. hahaha. the pain of the truth are worth.

Thursday, 29 August 2013
one of my bestfriends' birthday! HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY, GIRL! yea, she just hit 19. I know I'm old ( ._.) me and others decorated her with butter cream. yummy! hahahaha!
I had another Student Organization meeting at 17. my class ended at 13. 4-hour waiting..... I decided to do my tasks. and decorated the birthday girl. LOL! I know she gonna read this post. hahahaha.
the senior whom I talked to on Wednesday planned to attend the meeting but he couldn't make it. not gonna lie, I was a bit disappointed but didn't matter. last day of first week!

Friday, 30 August 2013
I planned to do my other tasks. what can I say..... I didn't do it. hahahaha. well, I did two out of..... five tasks(?) I don't even remember how many tasks I have. hahaha. I need to discipline myself. hmm.

Saturday, 31 August 2013
END OF AUGUST! YAY! German course at 8. too tired to move myself out of bed. my little sister's school event is starting. go check STARLIGHT 2013 for more information and live tweets. they also have the teasers: 1, 2, 3. and check their instagram to get the hype! anyone who is interested to come to the event, I'll be there on the closing day: 7 September 2013. to my senior high school friends, let's meet up!
after the course, I went to INTERFOOD. it's an exhibition of foods~ it's a tiny paradise on earth; for me. hahaha. chocolate everywhere! cute packaging and stuffs! uuugggghhhhhhh~ glad I went there with my parents so I didn't buy a lot. hahaha. I bought 2kgs chocolate. time to get back to old business! yippie!~
chatting at night may lead to anything. I enjoy the small chitchats with my seniors. they're great. unexpected things and topics are brought up. I should learn more from them. thank you for sharing your times and thoughts with me. it means a lot and I really appreciate it :D
my seniors who had their internship abroad are going back home. safe flight, guys! can't wait to see you back at uni.

it's 1 September, so, HAPPY 21ST BIRTHDAY, ALE! you may not know me and I may not know you but happy birthday anyway. hahaha. thank you for the games on last internal cup. you're doing great. thank you for showing up during Orientation Week; it really made my day. I'm hoping to see you very soon; yea, it's THE someone whom I probably can't meet for the next one year (I mentioned it at the beginning of this post). it's quite impossible, I know, but why not? good luck in everything you do, Le!

since it's September already, this blog is getting nearer to its first birthday. yaayyyy~ thanks a lot for everyone who has read this blog since the very beginning. thank you to all readers who have spend their time to read. hope you guys enjoy :D

"I never feared death or dying. I only fear never trying. I am whatever I am. Only God can judge me." -2 Chainz (We Own It, 2013, ft. Wiz Khalifa)


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