Sonntag, 29. September 2013

super tiring week

HI GUYS! it was really an extremely tiring week so far.  phew. I hope I won't face it this kind of week again. assignments, homeworks, tasks, quizzes, presentations, papers, meetings..... oh my God! I had meetings everyday from Monday to Thursday! my weight must be decreasing. hahaha. yea, I got many things to do last week; including SO outing, YAY. so many that I got headache everyday; literally headache. thank you for anyone who concerns about it. I rarely get those kind of concerns since I don't really tell people if I have problems. muchas gracias!

my only free Saturday  for this semester from German course was used for SO outing which was extremely super tiring..... but I liked it! hahahaha :p

anyway, here's the extreme week recap:

Monday, 23 September 2013
two meetings in a day made me dizzy. and the wonderful vertigo struck me again. WHY ME? WHY MONDAY? WHY MONDAY ALWAYS MAKES ME SICK? hahahaha. thanks to my good friends who understand me too well that I wasn't feeling well. love you, guys!! :D
anyone who takes me home never goes home directly after dropping me. we always share our thoughts and stories/experiences which I always find them funny. hahahaha. whatever we share, they stay inside the cars and within ourselves. I'm glad we all keep our promise. thanks, guys! :)
I keep saying to myself that life is never flat. life is not always beautiful from time to time. life has its ups and downs. I do that because it's literally true. I sincerely accept all the ups and downs that happen to me. including the small and unimportant quarrel (it's not really a quarrel but yea there's a misfit chat) with one of my seniors at night. I hate it. I hate that I'm easily annoyed by small things that actually I don't have to feel annoyed. thank you for those who give me this kind of experience which means that you taught me something in life. you guys are my bestest teacher ever. thank you for teaching me something that I won't ever get at school/during class/in formal education.
or maybe I got sleep deprived which led to a bad mood so I got annoyed easily. and there were literally too many tasks/things/stuffs that I had to do. I couldn't even think which one I should do first. but I don't want people label me that I couldn't be too hustle. nay, nay, nay, nothing is too much for me. I know I can do it. being busy is just a consequence of joining any other club/organization/community. and it's me who decided to join them so I shouldn't complain.
thank you again, vertigo, for accompanying me again. last week, you stayed with me during the day. now, during the night. thank you.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I overslept. glad I wasn't late. hehehe. it wasn't a good day. I hate everything that happened at uni. I felt like I don't wanna socialize with any single person there. I hate that there's someone who ignored me right away just like we don't know a thing about each other. *deep sigh* or maybe it was me who was ignoring? *another deep sigh*
but thanks to Kevin Wu who has brought back JumbaFund. thank you for the amazing videos. please watch the videos, because every single watch counts to charity. and here's his latest video on JumbaFund (per Tuesday).
it's hard to be a nice person. are you willing to work for something but others don't even appreciate what you're doing? for now, I don't even want to think about it. why should I put my effort for someone else but they don't put theirs? even they're like "nah bullshit". hahahaha. I'm glad I could handle it well. thanks to God, who has never left me alone or behind. I don't curse people who do bad things to me. I just believe in karma. I'm sure karma has its own way. Karma has no menu, guys. you get what you deserved. as simple as that. ;D
thank you for the little-but-intense attention to me. I do really appreciate it. and I didn't expect you would ask me about it. hehehe. ha! another unexpected thing! thanks to you and to my one and only wonderful God. thank you for making up my night a little brighter (though it's night already) *okay, bad joke with calzsf* I didn't mean to reject or avoid your sweet attention, but I had many things to do for tomorrow. yea, guys, for tomorrow, I have one essay as homework, one presentation, and two quizzes. glad I'm still breathing; even after the long meeting at uni regarding my next big event, IBEF 2013.
so I decided to study a bit, before hitting the bed. quite okay at first, but then I chatted with my friends and suddenly all the bad mood, thoughts, feelings were gone. omg. couldn't thank You more. thank You for providing me with such wonderful friends around me. and thanks for someone who always surprises me with those sweet little things and sayings. I was really glad you're there with me. whether you realise it or not, I don't care, you're always be the one whom I really grateful for.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

HECTIC. CHAOS. ETC. I DON'T WHAT/HOW TO EXPRESS THIS DAY. DANG QUIZZES AND TASKS, DANG!!! *deep sigh* as I've shared many times that my classes on Wednesday are super tiring as it starts from 7 and finishes at 18. and this day, I had to attend another meeting which made me reach home around 19.47ish. I should've not complain..... hahaha. but, yea, hhhhh~ so tiring that I didn't know what to write here :| in a nutshell, I had an essay to submit for English (the class is 7-9), then I had a presentation for my International Tax and Accounting (ITA) class (at 9-11), then a quiz of ITA at 12-14, then another quiz of Export-Import (15-18). things happen on Wednesday.
I still needed to prepare my German presentation the next day. and another quiz. oh God.....

Thursday, 26 September 2013

German presentation and International Marketing quiz; yea, yea, yea. after the last class, which was ended at 12.50, I was told that I had to attend a meeting with my lecturers and some staffs from my uni. I refused to join my friends to go out for the meeting. but then the meeting was cancelled. COULDN'T IT BE WORSE?! I think my UAI is >1000 now. is it possible? hahahaha. the next session was at 15; it's a counselling, and I was the only one who attended the session. after the counselling, I waited for another meeting. the meeting was until 18.30 something. since I went home with one of my good friends, I had to wait for him until 19.53; reached home at 20ish.
another big thanks to one of my seniors who was willing to pay attention on my blabbering :’ also thanks for being sweet and attentive :’ thank you for listening :’ it really made my day and night. I forgot that I was so annoyed by the cancellation of the meeting. I forgot that I was extremely tired. I even forgot that I still had task to do. LOL. but, yeah, thank you so much! :’ thank you for the appraisal. thank you for not checking your schedule/things-to-do when I told you that I had something to blabber. I really appreciate it so much :)
I thought I needed a break. I was planning to go to uni early just like the previous Fridays.....

Friday, 27 September 2013
but at the end, I went to uni early as usual. I thought it's worth a shot. I shouldn't let things go easily. and, yea, it worked. God knows everything, including the things I've done just to see him. hahaha. yea, I finally saw him; even we said, "see you" each other. he said it first to me. it's the best thing of the day.
one of my best friends told me that Ale's gonna play basketball for the internal cup. YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't stop smiling!!!!!!!!!!!! and grinning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this day was a very good day!!!!! HEHEHEHE.
after the class, I went straight back home. I packed my belongings for the SO outing. YAY! FINALLY! I knew it's gonna be a little bit rough, but I was really waiting for it.

Saturday, 28 September 2013
THE DAY! WOOHOO! we were told to head the SO outing's location at 5, so I woke up at 3.30, because my friend picked me up at 4.30; he really did. I only slept for around 5-6hours. I spent the Friday night chatting with one of my seniors. hahaha. anyway, we headed the location at 5.56 and got there around 7.45-8ish. we prepared all the materials that were gonna be used for the games and other activities. the sun shined literally so bright that I got burnt. I'm a bit tanned, guys. lol. no problem. we waited for the participants to arrive. once they're arrived, we started the activities.
at night, we had an activity called "jurit malam" in Bahasa; it's like we track in a group, pass some spots, then back to the start point. there were four spots: the 3rd semester's, core team's, 7th semester's, and alumni's. we started the activity at 1.30ish. the very last group finished at 4.30ish. none from the committee was still awoke, so I accompanied them. I slept at 4.45 something, awoke at 5.41. OH MY GOD. I only slept for 1 hour! something that I couldn't handle. but God is great. He gives me strength to enjoy the rest of the activities.

Sunday, 29 September 2013
then we went back at 12. I slept for almost the way back home. I arrived at home at 14.15. I changed my clothes, then hit the bed! at 16, my parents reached home. they knocked the door like there's a fire. I was shocked. then I slept again until 18. I hadn't studied for the quiz AT ALL. ugh!
anyway, thanks to one of my seniors who accompanied me the night. you're great! thank you for being sweet and attentive :D

I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed the outing. the juniors were great. thanks to everyone who participated. thanks to the committees who had prepared the event well. thanks to the alumni who had spent their time to help us. umm, I'm not sure "thank you" could really express how much gratitude I wanna extend to each of SO members. you guys are awesome!!!!! thank you for the hot burning ray that made me tanned.

I need to study now. I have a quiz for tomorrow, but I haven't read a thing. hahahaha. but first thing first, I need to take a bath again. omagaaaaahhhhhh this is super tiring. extremely super tiriiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggg!!!

“Bridges are built not to cross over it but it is built to lift you to the other side safely.” -Edwin Lawrence


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