Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

final exam - first week

HI GUYS! aha~ no worry, I still had time to write. hehehe. or maybe none of you cares. that's okay. I like writing, though it's not perfect, and I keep doing what I like. deal with it! :p

I'm not really comfortable with the schedule but whatever. I could still deal with it~ nananana~

the "break" allowed me to finish my not-so-secret project. hohoho. finally! now me not sure if I should reveal what it is :p

anyway, here's the recap of my first week of final exam:

Monday, 09 December 2013
first day of final exam. not bad. just got back from Jakarta in the morning. picked up by one of my best friends, so I was at campus around 10ish. there's one thing that always tries to annoy me. I hope it vanishes very soon.
I didn't know Heaven is running out of angels that they took one of my acquaintances. Ruhe in Frieden, ex-classmate.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013
no final exam on this day, so I decided to finish the project. and I did it! it's done exactly one week before the day.
I woke up at 6, as usual, then went to bed again at 7ish. woke up again around 10.33ish. first thing I did was thinking about the stuff that I was doing. hahahaha. sorry, guys, I have my priorities :p
idk why, I felt something's bothering me but idk what it was. I really wanna call this one person but I couldn't; because I didn't want to disturb him. hope everything would be just fine.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013
most confident and fastest Accounting exam (it's the international tax one, btw) I've ever done. hope the result turns as confident as I did; first wish of this beautiful date format, 11.12.13 hahaha!
I felt sleepy way too earlier than ever. I slept at 18.34ish, then woke up 23.57ish to study. still sleepy but what I could say. ugh. finals.....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, B!! duh how much I wish we knew each other :( but, yeah, good luck in everything you do! :D

Thursday, 12 December 2013
I should've wished another one the previous day which was in a beautiful date format. I hope I pass this subject and I wouldn't have to deal with it anymore. puh~
I was too late to respond someone's chat..... hope it's okay :| please don't get mad at me ( ._.) I didn't mean to ignore it.....

I miss you, btw, so much. I miss our random talks too. hahaha :D

Friday, 13 December 2013
no exam, nothing to do. woke up at 6ish, as usual, then went back to sleep until 11ish. doing nothing at lappy; not literally. got back to sleep at 14.30ish, woke up again at 17.05 something. hahahaha. life's good when I sleep. it's surely a sweet little escape from this mortal world.
idk why I didn't feel hungry at all, though in fact, I hadn't eaten yet for two days. I ate, but I didn't feel like I just ate. meh.
another Friday the 13th! yay! literally love it. I was hoping something good happened but nothing happened. hahahaha. meh.

aha~ my team won again! it's 17th victory this season, 40th consecutive triumph in 2013, 950th winning in Bundesliga history~ Herbstmeister, Spitzenreiter, Rekordmeister: FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN!! we still have one more mission tho~ it's FIFA Club World Cup 2013; which is held in Morocco. TOI TOI TOI!!

my team sang Jingle Bells for all of you! it's not that great, since they're football players, not singers, BUT PERFECT! they sang it too fast, only know the refrain part; duh! hahahaha. here:

as a part of FC Bayern München family, I wish you Merry Christmas! Frohe Weihnachten! ¡feliz Navidad! :D

oh, remember that I'm planning to start posting videos in January 2014? I don't think it's gonna work ( ._.) but I'm not deleting my youtube account. I may post some stupid videos there, so, just wait for it. hehehe. because some of my best friends still wanna make the videos. okay, let's hope it works!

on the other hand, I'm planning to make scrapbook. I've bought some materials since last January/February(?) I forgot. it was actually a present for someone whose birthday is in May, but I couldn't make it. thanks to very-tight schedule. so, yep, I'm making one for myself. it's gonna be a one-semester personal project. weehee! sorry for being selfish, dude. I'm repaying it; but not that soon. and, oh, if you have some references that you thought might be useful for me, please do share. I need those references a lot!

and, uhh, I'm still facing final exams; four more to go! wish me tons of luck for the finals! love you, guys!

“If thou dost love, proclaim it faithfully.” -William Shakespeare


P.S.: I've got my visa for Germany! YAY! the only thing I still have to do is looking for a job. and do the rest of the finals excellently. wish me luck!
P.P.S.: this is my current laptop's wallpaper :'
race in paradise, Paul :'

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