Mittwoch, 8. Januar 2014

short recess

HI GUYS! yea, it's me again. who else you expect, huh? hahaha. didn't plan to post a new entry but meh. hahaha! so I'm still on my holiday. gonna make it best, I guess, since there'll be no more holiday after this. I'm going abroad in less than a month, having a one-month lecturer, having internship, going back for the 7th semester, then OFSE, then thesis. woohoo!

for you guys who missed my old posts, OFSE stands for Oral Final Study Examination. unlike other universities, my university holds this exam before the thesis. we couldn't do the thesis if we didn't pass the OFSE. pretty scary, huh? I think that's what makes us different from other universities' graduates. no offense. others are also great; even amazing. but we're equipped with some other points.

remember that I had a night class with some international students in 5-6 countries? so, yeah, I had this class, e-learning stuff. the class was about entrepreneurship, business model, and e-commerce. it was very tiring. the time difference made even more tiring. but it was fun! didn't have idea that I could have a chance to work with them. my group was a blast! we did a wonderful project too! I'm literally glad and very thankful for this experience and opportunity :D

for two nights in a row, I dreamed about someone. on the first one, I thought it's only a coincidence. anyone could have a dream about anyone else. but on the second time, I started to think if I missed this person so much. probably, yea. I miss this person so much. I just haven't found the right time to say it. hahaha. or maybe it's me who the coward is. dear you, I don't know whether your read this. if you do, I just want you to know that you're not annoying. don't stop texting me. I like it. no, you're not disturbing me at all. except it's me who disturb you.

enough with the gloomy section. hahaha. no, it's not really gloomy, my dear. I miss you. that's all. all right. I just realized that I know quite many youngsters who travel a lot. it makes me wanna do it too. my mom loves travelling. guess that the gen is passed down to me. what I need is making gazillion of money. then travelling wherever I want. should be on my list! yippie!

btw, the bruise that I mentioned here makes me difficult to walk, to sit, to squat properly. hope everything will be all right~ still looks like nothing happens naked-eyes-ly. but it hurts.

oh, I found a video about water jet pack. über cool! I WANNA TRY IT!!
you know that I'm more to the beach girls. LOL. 'beach girls' ew. I don't think that's an appropriate term. hahaha. well, I prefer beach to mountain.

literally, I miss our stupid and irrelevant conversations
“When I thought I'd killed him, I felt more alone than I've felt in a long time. Like I couldn't stand walking through this city knowing he wasn't in it. Like somehow, as long as he was out there somewhere, if I was ever really in trouble, I knew where I could go and while maybe he wouldn't do exactly what I wanted him to do, he'd keep me alive. He'd get me through whatever it was to live another day.” -Karen Marie Moning (Iced, 2012)


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