Sonntag, 23. März 2014


HI GUYS!! so it turned out that THIS ENTRY was my 100th on this blog!! YAY! thank you to everyone who read, read, and are still reading. I really hope that I don't get you bored. I hope my posts are inspiring. though actually I don't know from which aspect that this blog is inspiring. hahahah

enough with the 100th post. yep, that's it. hehehe. 

so, hmm, there's a day which I drown myself in tears to sleep. sounds dramatic, doesn't it? hahaha. but, really, I cried until I fell asleep. glad I didn't wake up with swollen eyes. hohoho. the reason why I cried.... it's a bit personal. but I'll tell you. it's about someone back in Jakarta. I miss that someone. so much. but I don't know whether that someone feels the same too. YES. it's about lovey dovey thingy. hahaha! I sobbed. dang! lololol. dude, if you read this, tell me something so I won't cry anymore.... and please tell me if you've received my "surat cinta" (love letter). HAHAHA. no, I didn't send any. but, yea, you could regard it as one. hohoho!

I checked my weight and it increased!! OH NO! I think I had too much and too late for dinner..... shouldn't do that anymore..... dear you two, don't get mad at me. I'm sorry :p

I posted some new poems on Hello Poetry. oho, you still don't know I have one? I thought I've told you here. so, yeap. I still refuse to tell you which account is mine. just give your best wild guess and you'll find it. it's not hard to find my account, uh? :p but, still, no worry tho. they're all just poem. fiction or not, you decide :p

OH! last Wednesday, I went to a mall. I was looking for a new backpack. got it! hihihi. when "wandering" around, I found a shop which sells merchandises of several..... well, they sell merchandise of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel, and DC. I was amazed when I saw Harry Potter's. THEY SELL WANDS!! ugh. made me wanna buy them all!! they also sell others like houses' badges, ties, time turner necklace, Riddle's diary, and etc etc etc ARGH. please pardon me. hahaha

it's not love when there's only one party who fights for it; isn't it? hahaha. I thought we're fighting it together. I thought we're on the same track. I thought I'm doing it well. I thought..... dang. hahaha. why am I at this section again? LOL!

sorry for the short, unclear, unimportant paragraph. hahaha. but I'm glad I still believe that nothing worth comes easy. I hope you're worth everything I've done, did, do, will do, etc. I hope you're worth the tears that roll down my face every night. *Secondhand Serenade's Your Call has been in my mind recently* okay. enough. that's for now. terribly sorry for the cheesy statements from a foolish me. hehehe

remember this post, which I thought I should start something new? I found a good list to stay creative :D
YAY a guideline
no, you don't have to follow it. hahaha. it's gonna be a reminder for myself to be/stay creative. I hope I have more to come :D

spending my whole Sunday in front of laptop, looking for..... something. hehehe. you'll know eventually~ :p no worry, I'll tell you when the time is right. it's not something for someone else. it's for me. nanana~

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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