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how I finally get my internship abroad

HI GUYS! as I stated on previous post, now I'd like to share about my internship. particularly about how I finally get my internship abroad; as per title. it's not an easy one, so I hope it's worth.

I applied to many companies; literally. how many do you expect? it's almost 400 companies with at least 420ish applications. sometimes I applied to several vacancies under one company.

but God is always great. after "struggling" since July 2013, I finally get my internship. yes, July 2013. hahaha. got a confirmation February 2014. I lost the euphoria of getting accepted but doesn't matter as long as NOW I have an internship place :'D

as I said before, I had applied to companies since July 2013. not sure there's someone who started as soon as I did. but idk maybe there was.

after many applications (hundreds companies and applications), here is the track of my interviews:
  1. a company in München; the interview was in English. rejected, like 2 days after the interview as I have no proper experience. it was for Marketing department. the interview was per skype at 21.00 (GMT+7)
  2. a company in Berlin; only per email in English. got rejected, as they need an intern for January, while even my visa is valid from 1 February. what a no go.
  3. a company in Grenzach; the interview was first in German then English. it was per telephone when I was in my hometown. they first called at dawn 12, to my house in Jakarta. my mom answered the phone. then told me that there's a company who would like to do an interview but then they realised it's midnight so they called some days later. got rejected because my last experience in Finance didn't meet their job description.
  4. a company in München; they called per telephone, only a slight call and they said that they wanna call again in February. but no call at all.
  5. a company in München; it was in English, per skype at 17.00. directly rejected as I don't really have a proper experience on the field I applied. again, it's Marketing.
  6. a company in München; it's per telephone, in German and English. they first called at 1.20 (dawn), emailed them asking what time is the most appropriate time to call them but then I called them and the interview was less than 10'; rejected because they said they didn't have a suitable place for me.
  7. recruiting consultant from Barcelona; it was per telephone. it went excellent but I turned it down because of several issues.
  8. a company in Bielefeld; no interview per telephone or skype, but per email, in German. they don't offer allowance/remuneration, but they insist on hiring me. it's an easy task, even I could do it from home. but, yea.....
  9. a company in Mannheim; it was per telephone, in German. but instead of having interview, they suggested me to apply to MNC as those companies are more international o.O
  10. a company in Berlin; it was in English, per skype. it went well. they even asked my salary expectation. got rejected because of several things. 
  11. a company in München; it was per telephone, in German. got rejected because I don't speak fluent German. no problem tho~
  12. a company in Berlin; there's no interview. they called me, asked whether I was still interested. then I got accepted!
that's it! hahaha! after applying to that number of companies and applications, at the end, I was eased. thank God! what effort! that's the best from me for now. I'm really glad and proud that I got an internship without any help except from God. I got a place on my own. literally won't let this down. this could be my turning point. hope so!

what I wanna point out from this experience is never give up. well, yea, there many things except a cliché "never give up". different person different style, perspective, way, etc. but here are my points:
  • never give up; just don't.
  • don't be cocky; who are you? we're just interns! especially when you already got accepted. stop showing off.
  • be grateful; whatever the job you get, just be grateful. someone said this to me, "unpaid internship measures how great we are at work"
  • pray; God decides.
maybe you're wondering why you're not accepted here and there. looking for a job is like dating, you know. here, even BuzzFeed agrees. hahaha. don't panic if you haven't got any job. you WILL get it. eventually. no matter how, when, where, why you get it, that's your fate. don't grumble. accept everything for whatever it is. but don't be too laid back tho. if you could still fight for something and you believe you'll get it, you'll be there. you'll get it ;D

and don't worry about your GPA; I guess. it helps, but I think the most important one is the soft skills. develop it! you guys still have time! :D

btw, it's exactly me one month here in Germany~ nanana~ for juniors who are reading this entry, please do tell me whatever else you wanna know. you know you can reach me via almost everything. hahaha. me so far (from what I got just being one month here): you're not living your life the fullest when you're not being solo. I'll tell you more on another entry. wait for it! ;D

*sigh* and now here I am: in Berlin for the next six months, preparing myself to start working tomorrow, hoping the best for everything I do, and stuff, and stuff, and stuff. wish me luck! :D

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson


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