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Easter in City of Towers

HI GUYS!! okay, so this is my first attempt writing a travel entry. I hope you could bear with it. hahahaha!

yea, I went to Praha and Kutná Hora on last Easter holiday. I went there with my two friends. since Prague is somewhat near Dresden, so I went to Dresden first. I am currently living in Berlin, for those of you who might still don't know. it's Thursday night, that I arrived in Dresden. I took a bus from Berlin (Berlin ZOB, Zentraler Omnibusbahnhof) at 20.45 and arrived in Dresden at 22.55 at Bayerische Strasse; left side of Dresden Hauptbahnhof (central/main station). one of my best friends who is having internship in Kesselsdorf (suburb area of Dresden) picked me up. she is currently living in Freital (also suburb area of Dresden).

the next day, 18 April 2014, we went to Prague. I took a bus, while she took train. she was a bit late to book the bus. hahahaha. she departed at 09.06 while I departed at 10.00. we arrived at different places. she arrived at Praha hlavní nádraží (central/main station) and I arrived at ÚAN Florenc (bus station). good thing is those two places are only one station away. hahaha. she headed to my place because it's on the right track to go to the hostel. the hostel we stayed is Ubytování Bohemia which is located at Poděbradská 540/26, Prague.

after checking in, we went back to the central station to pick up another friend. then we went to Můstek. it's the train station near Nové Město. we headed to Václavské náměstí; Prague's city centre. there, we took pictures in front of Národní muzeum. we didn't go inside. hahahaha. instead, we walked around; there's an Easter market! :D dinner time came. we sat on a restaurant called..... duh I forgot the name. I'll notice you if I have found the name. there, we ate a meal set of meat until we couldn't talk much. hahaha!

second day in Czech, we went for two tours. we took SANDEMANs NEW Prague Tour. they provide Free Tour to introduce Prague. our free-tour guide was Tijo, a funny and witty Dutch man. then we took Castle Tour. our guide was Andrea, a chic Czech-Slovakia woman. the second day was totally spent for the tours. after the tours, we hang around the Václavské náměstí for the Easter market. we ate Trdelník; it's like Baumkuchen in Germany. I found the most delicious sausage in Prague! :9
"I'd like to pretend that you are my harems," -Tijo
third day in Czech, we went to Kutná Hora; under another tour from SANDEMANs. our guide was Michael, a German-British man who doesn't know what his actual nationality. we had fun in this tour. well, we also had fun in other two tours, obviously. hahaha. then, again, we hang around the Václavské náměstí after the tour.

fourth day and last day in Prague..... I just didn't wanna go back to work! hahahha. it was a fun holiday. thank you to my two friends who accompanied me; we accompanied each other, eh? I went back to Dresden with one of those two. the other one went back to Hamburg. so, yeah, in short, we are three human beings from three different majors under the same department, who are currently having internship in Germany in three different cities. I'm taking International Business as my major and having internship in Berlin. the one that is having internship in Dresden is taking Banking and Finance. and the one in Hamburg is taking International Marketing. hahaha. we "gathered" in Czech Republic. not bad!

for those of you who are curious about the expenditure, of course it varies. here's mine:
  • 3-day transportation ticket 310.00 Kč
  • Hotdog 29.00 Kč
  • Accommodation (4D 3N) 654.50 Kč
  • Dinner 325.00 Kč (include tip)
  • Drink 40.00 Kč
  • Trdlo 60.00 Kč
  • Honey cake 70.00 Kč
  • Tips Free Tour 100.00 Kč
  • Castle Tour 225.00 Kč (got discount because of ISIC)
  • Cheesecake 29.00 Kč
  • Trdlo 60.00 Kč
  • Sausage 60.00 Kč
  • Sausage 70.00 Kč
  • Sausage 80.00 Kč
  • Kutna Hora Tour 540.00 Kč (another discount because of ISIC)
  • Lunch 350.00 Kč (include tip)
  • Chocolate 136.00 Kč
  • Musem entrance ticket 250 Kč
  • Souvenirs 309.00 Kč
  • Sausage 70.00 Kč
  • Taxi 100.00 Kč
  • Tuna Sandwich 50.00 Kč
I just love sausage, okay..... hehehe. expenditure really depends on the person. I hope mine is quite useful for your budgeting. at least you know how the price in Prague is.

leave a comment or question below. I'm not used to write a travel journal. please pardon and notice me for any missing info or others. to those of you who are planning to go to Prague, have fun! I hope it's worth :D

“There are no foreign lands. It is the traveler only who is foreign.” -Robert Louis Stevenson


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