Dienstag, 8. April 2014

running away

HI GUYS!! again, another week just passed. sorry for the delay. I went to Dresden last weekend ;D to meet one of my best friend, of course! hohoho! the one who visited us in Berlin. so I paid her visit. YAY!! DRESDEN!!

anyway, before I shared about it, let me share something else first.

how much do you believe that we're actually connected to each other? how much do you believe in dream? how much do you believe that dream comes true?

so I had a dream on Sunday night (going to Monday). it was a beautiful dream that I couldn't stop thinking about it. definitely one of my beautiful dreams..... then I went to work as usual. during working time, I don't turn on my mobile phone except it's already >15.00. so I turned it on and got several chats. one of the chats was from a senior back in Jakarta. he told me something. I'm extremely proud of him. I wish him all the best luck for him and his family :D

Monday night, I recalled my dream. and, HOOO!! the chat and the dream were related to each other! I got goosebumps! why didn't I realize it earlier? or is it a "warning" that I should have told him everything? :| oh please let me have that courage first..... hehehe

nanana~ it's good to keep myself busy. the faster time goes, the faster I'm coming back home. and it's always good to be home :D

days went usual. work and work. nothing much to tell. so..... IT'S TIME TO SHARE ABOUT MY ESCAPE. hahaha. I fulfilled my promise. I went to Dresden during the whole weekend. I told none of my friends who are having internship in Berlin too that I was going to Dresden; not even my flatmate. sorry, guys. I need super-me time.

there are reasons why I always prefer to go somewhere alone:
  • I can do whatever I want
  • I can spend my time as long as I wish
  • I can go to places back and forth
  • no one whines
it's a little bit obvious that I like to be all by myself; alone. I'm an ISTJ. as an ISTJ, I always need time to be alone. it's not that I don't like socializing. but being alone brings me to places where I've never expected. and it's super awesome! :D being alone allows me to live my life even fuller~ hahaha.

so, in Dresden, I wasn't alone. remember one of my best friend who visited Berlin? yea, she's living in Freital ("Dresden's suburb area"). we went to Frauenkirche, Hofkirche, Zwinger, Semperoper; in short: Dresden's top Sehenswuerdigkeiten. hahaha. we ate great food and dessert. I finally drank milk tea!! after >2months :'D if you guys are curious, I posted photos on my facebook account; if you wanna take a look :D

one of many things that I bought in Dresden

back in Berlin, back to reality. today, I woke up as usual. got a sweet chat from Jakarta. I sent stuffs to Jakarta. this morning, the receiver received it. yay! glad it reached the destination. hahahah

this day, I didn't go straight to home. I went to Alexanderplatz; again, alone. I ate the most delicious Currywurst ever! :9

guys, if you're in Berlin this weekend, I'm going to Trödelmärkte. since it's spring already, Berlin is holding their 44th Berliner Frühlingsfest which is on 28 March until 21 April. I am definitely going to the festival. meet me? maybe? :p

“Nobody can discover the world for somebody else. Only when we discover it for ourselves does it become common ground and a common bond and we cease to be alone.” -Wendell Berry (A Place on Earth, 1966)


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