Montag, 19. Mai 2014

fifteen of thirty

HI GUYS!! another week just passed! hohoho. but it means another week closer to my task's deadline. whatever. HEHEHE. maybe I should really start doing it very very soon. I'll do it. eventually. nothing to worry about. I got this~ hahahah

last week was tiring. so tiring that it made me sick! hahaha. nah, I'm kidding. but I was sick. sick of you! :p

I am now literally done with the first half of my living-in-Germany. fifteen weeks to go! I don't know whether I should be happy or sad :|

so, last week, I experienced another new thing. you know, we all always have our first time, right? like, first time in everything. I remembered my first time that I literally went solo in Berlin. hahaha. that was a day before my internship started. but now, I think me going solo is normal~ hahahaha

I posted another entry. so I won't talk much on this one. but I wanna share the peak moment of last week. I MET BERNI. AND LORENZ. I TOOK A PIC WITH BERNI. LORENZ HELPED ME TO TAKE IT. I WAS TOO SPEECHLESS TO ASK FOR A PHOTO WITH LORENZ. so, yea..... I ALSO SAW PAUL BREITNER. OH MY GOD!! I'M GLAD IT WASN'T A DREAM! HOORAY! München is definitely my next stop! but, no, it's gonna be Karlsruhe first. then Rust; because I wanna go to Europa Park :D then München. even I couldn't go to Karlsruhe and/or Europa Park, I'd still go to München. it's a fixed one!

and..... someone chatted me. thank you for the light talk. it really made my day :' and again, things happen when I least expect it. thank you so much for your presence, sweet! :'D

I video-called my family in Jakarta. they told me that they had this (Soto Betawi?) as their dinner and ate this (Martabak Manis, with chocolate, cheese, sesame, and peanuts) as dessert. thank God, I'm not that kind of person who easily drool because I miss Indonesian food. hahahaha :p nice try, guys. nice try! I love seafood more than anything; I guess. cuttlefish, shrimps, mussels, fish, sea cucumber, jelly fish, ALL SEAFOOD! I just love eating seafood. maybe it's because I prefer being in a beach to mountain. irrelevant. I love seafood. there, I say it again.

I'm planning to go to ILA next weekend. but I don't know. maybe I'll go there. maybe not. or maybe I'll just spend my weekend doing my task. hahaha. I don't know. we'll see~ :p

“Memory is the scribe of the soul” -Aristotle


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