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My Life, My Soul, My World, My Everything

Ai ai ai ai ai
FC Bayern München
Wir singen und tanzen auf jedem Fußballplatz 
Ein Schuss, ein Tor, die Bayern, DIE BAYERN!!

HI GUYS!! this entry would be about football. as you might already know/notice, I love football so much that I couldn't describe. this entry is for those of you who are curious why I would end up regarding football as my everything. and why FC Bayern München, why Germany National Team.

it's gonna be a long post. just for your information~ :D

it's 26 May 1999, or 27 May 1999 at my local time (Jakarta, Indonesia). I was 5 years old. AND NOW I'M 20 OMG I'M OLD. I didn't know why I stayed up late o.O but I remembered I watched a football match. what kind of football match was it? UEFA Champions League Final 1999. yes, the one that MUFC played against FCBM in Camp Nou, Barcelona. the one that FCBM lost 2-1 because of the goals that happened in injury time.

I was just 5. what did I know? football? hahaha. I watched like a foolish. but in the end, I cried. I cried when the match reached its FT. cried because FCBM lost. and since then I support FCBM. that's it. hahaha. did you expect a more dramatic one? sorry it's disappointing :( I'M NOT SORRY. I'M PROUD. that doesn't make sense.

so, guys, I don't support FCBM because they just had treble last season. I'm not that kind of seasonal supporter or whatever you call it. hahaha. and, I didn't start supporting FCBM when they won. I started supporting them when they lost. in a UEFA Champions League Final. which the goals from the opponent happened during injury time. I didn't understand how hurt it was, but it hurt me so much that I cried. next time, when you judge me that I only support FCBM just because they just had treble..... stop talking to me; seriously. LOLno. now you know that I've been supporting FCBM since UEFA Champions League Final 1999 which they lost it. I support FCBM since the hard time. I deserve a big grin and smile when they win, don't I? ;D

then on December 1999, I went back to my hometown. all my maternal cousins were there. they wanted to play football and I asked them to join. they said it might be dangerous since I was only 6. so I just watched from the side. no one wanted to be a goalkeeper (GK) since a GK must stay on his spot. they said it's too passive. they wanted to run back and forth. so, yeah~ hahaha. they changed positions whenever they were bored with theirs. hahaha

at the end of the game, one of my cousins offered me a light training. hahaha. I asked to be a GK tho. idk why. that's my very first football training. hohoho! after the training, I told them about the football match I watched. my cousin said the goalkeeper was Oliver Kahn. DUDE! Oliver Kahn is THE thing. so, it's Oliver Kahn who made me wanna play football and be a GK. since I knew him and my first training as a GK, I feel that GK is my thing. and, yea, GK's my position.

since then, FCBM has become part of my life, being a GK is my soul, and football is my world; simply my everything. it's hard for me, being a girl in my home country to show the love and support to FCBM. there are people who really mock me because I support FCBM. foolish. hahahaha

and now after the treble, they still mock me. mocking me because I support a recent successful football club. hahahha. I don't understand those people. I hope you know now, when I actually started supporting FCBM. though idek why I love and support FCBM. hahaha

I recalled there's someone who actually really mocked me at school during the recess time. he did it because FCBM just knocked his team out of Champions League. what shame..... for him. and the club? I know, I shouldn't judge the entire club's fans because of this one person. but the fans of this club, those whom I know in real life, do the same thing to me..... HAHAHAHA. I'm sorry I just laughed. but yea, these fans of this club mocked me and often brought FCBM's defeats up. guys, that's not how football works. I know and fully realize that you proud and defend your favourite club so much. I do that too. but that's not how you do it :)

and since I love football, because of FCBM, I started to dig information about it from books and my cousins. I asked stuffs a lot. I think my cousins got pissed because I asked too many questions. hahahaha. eventually I started supporting and loving Germany National Team. and because of football, I've always wanted to go to Germany~ AND HERE I AM!

I remembered I applied to FCBM as an intern but they weren't opening the vacancies. it broke my heart..... hahahaha. no, it didn't. I'm glad I had gut to apply tho. hahaha.

I'm 20 right now, and I've been in love with football since I was 5 which means, so far, 75% of my life is spent for loving football. hahahaha. okay, it doesn't make sense. what I wanna point out is..... football is simply my life. it drives me to where I am right now. I intentionally enrol myself in a university which offers an internship in Germany. football teaches me a lot of stuffs; more than the sport itself.

football has taught me about loyalty, fairness, positivity, sportsmanship, professionalism, friendship, how to not give up, how to accept the reality, how to behave towards problems. football has an enormous effect to me.
with Berni! FCBM's mascot~ vielen Dank, Herr Beringer!
FC Bayern, Stern des Südens, du wirst niemals untergehn,
weil wir in guten wie in schlechten Zeiten zu einander stehn,
FC Bayern Deutschermeister ja so heißt er mein Verein, 
Ja so war es und so ist es und so wird es immer sein!

why FCBM? why Germany NT? I think those are questions that I still couldn't answer until now. right now. this very second. they just run in my blood. hahaha. and I don't think I should know or find the reason why I love FCBM and Germany NT, should I? I think love needs no reason? :p oh, and fyi, before I learnt German, "Stern des Südens" is the first German song that I could memorize. well, in short, before I know any German word, I could memorize Stern des Südens very well. hahaha!

I think that's it. a short history why I fall for football so hard, how I gave my heart to FCBM and Germany NT.

"I learned all about life, with a ball at my feet." -Ronaldinho


P.S.: I once believed that I'd go to Germany because of FCBM, and here I am right now. I once set a status on FB, "Berlin, Berlin, wir fahren nach Berlin" (Berlin, Berlin, we are going to Berlin; because FCBM made into DFB-Pokal Final 2012, posted it on 22 March 2012), and here I am in Berlin. can you imagine how strong those belief and words are? now, I only have one more destination: München!! hopefully in August, when FCBM holds Familientag or "open house" like this one :D

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