Sonntag, 1. Juni 2014

first week of second half

HI GUYS!! how's your holiday? here in Germany, I only got one day holiday which was on last Thursday. my family back there in Indonesia got two days: last Tuesday and Thursday. I want it too..... Indonesia is so nice as they have many holidays~ hahahaha! :p

this post probably not gonna be long as usual. I'll keep this one short. just trying to make entries more compact. hahahaha

oh, I forgot to mention that I didn't go to ILA 2014 on this entry. suddenly I didn't feel I wanna go there :/ blame my hormones!! hehehe. I'm not the type that is into aviation. I only know a little since..... since I had someone who really loves aviation. I've known him since elementary. okay, that's it.

last week..... it's fine. got vertigo on Wednesday, but it's cool. nothing to worry about. nyehehehehe. maybe it's because I stared at monitor too long. pffttt.

last Thursday, the holiday, since I got vertigo, I decided to not go anywhere. but then I went to have my..... lunch? dinner? I ate at 16ish. hahahah. then went back straight to home~ that's how I spent my holiday. not fun at all. hehehe

I got permission to take another leave, so I booked a flight to..... you know, a city where I've been always wanted to go to. reason why I'm right here in Germany right now. weehee~ early Saturday morning, when I just woke up, a confirmation email came. YEAH! the flight was issued!! WOOHOO!!

on Saturday, I went out shopping. easy~ not that kind of shopping. it's my kind of shopping. buying one or two things and then done. hahaha. after reaching home, I watched Catching Fire; yep, The Hunger Games trilogy. I hadn't had a chance to watch it, so..... yeah. the ending was..... maybe some of you have already known the ending.

on Sunday, I went to Potsdamer Platz, then to Brandenburger Tor, then to Gendarmenmarkt, and to Alexanderplatz. as usual, I went there alone~ weehee~ it's good to go to places alone. I could do whatever I want. no one grumbles if I only take a step outside then go to another place. and no one complains about how we get to the other places. hahahaha. I walked from Brandenburger Tor to Alexanderplatz. no big deal~ it's not that far either. hohohoho

aha, it's 1 June. I supposed to be at Berlin Colour Run. but..... uh..... nevermind~ I had my own good time~

this day is Kindertag! International Children Day, I guess? so, since I'm still a child/daughter of my parents, I bought myself a character balloon. guess which one I bought...........
what? it's children day, okay?
typical me? hahahaha! don't judge meeeeee~ hohoho! MINIOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNN~~~

I posted an entry in my native language. so, for Indonesian speakers, maybe you wanna read it. that's all for now. tomorrow evening (Monday, 2.6.14, at 19), a professor from my university wants to meet us, students who are having internship in Berlin, at Brasserie Gendarmenmarkt. I actually went to Gendarmenmarkt to see the venue but I didn't even find it. LOL

“Growing old is unavoidable, but never growing up is possible. I believe you can retain certain things from your childhood if you protect them - certain traits, certain places where you don’t let the world go.” -Johnny Depp


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