Montag, 16. Juni 2014


HI GUYS!! it's been another week~ 19th week. ready or not, 20th week is coming really soon. 10 weeks left! or 11? hahahah. doesn't matter~ my weeks here gon be over soon. happy or sad, I still couldn't decide how to react. but nah~

tough Friday 13th~ but it was fun! hahahaha! so I had to go to IHK and an embassy again, to handle some documents. started it at 8.15ish, got back to the office around 14.49ish(?) so funny yet tiring. hahahahaha

I'm glad I could experience another full moon on Friday 13th; which people said that the next one would be in 2049(?) hope I could still experience the one in 2049 :D the last time Friday 13th and full moon fell on the same day was in 2000. it's Friday, 13th October; and full moon. perfect!

IT'S WORLD CUP 2014!! WOOHOO!! the waiting is finally over~ oh, maybe the last sentence suits when I watch Germany NT at a public viewing here in Berlin. the matches were absolutely full of surprises! wowowow!

though the WC2014 has begun, I haven't watched any single match. hahaha. yep, I know, I missed many awesome moments; it sucks. but it's not Germany NT, wasn't it? hahahaah. maybe I should correct myself. maybe I'm not a football fan, but a Germany NT fan, a FC Bayern fan. hahahha. nah, I still watch others actually. but this time, the World Cup happens when I'm having internship, not holiday, which means..... I should wake up early and stuffs. I'd rather experience lack of sleep because of something that I love.

last Saturday, I managed to stay in my room for the whole day. thanks to uncertain weather. but, eeyyyy, it's not that bad. I had small talks with the best people around me. quite boosted my mood! hahaha. thank you for those who spent the time to talk to me. I appreciate it so much! :D

this day was 15 June. you know what it means? it means that we just passed the midyear~ and I passed the "exact" midyear by napping. hahahha. I took a nap. I actually wanted to wake up before 12, I'd set my alarm, but I woke up at 12.05. hahaha! so, yeah, that's my midyear~

15 JUNE. HAPPY 45TH BIRTHDAY, OLIVER ROLF KAHN!! the man who drove me to play football and be a goalkeeper. the man who "taught" me dedication, loyalty, professionalism, sportsmanship. the man who always "tells" me not to give up.

should I wear my new Germany home jersey tomorrow? Germany NT plays anyway~ I could go to the public viewing at Brandenburger Tor~ hmm..... hmm..... HMM..... nah, we'll see. if it's possible to watch, I'll watch. since I could leave office around 17ish..... people must have been there for several hours before.....

"It's not about the name on the back of the jersey it's about the badge on the front." -David Beckham


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