Montag, 9. Juni 2014


HI GUYS!! another day, another dawn..... really, couldn't figure out how I should react/response. I'm happy as it means I'm another day closer to go back to Jakarta; where the (cheap) food exist. yet I'm also sad, as I'm going to leave this country; where I've been always wanted to be.

btw, I'm sorry for the late post. my besties came to Berlin last weekend, so I thought this post should tell a little bit. what do you think? ;D

weekdays went as usual; working. hahahaha. what did you expect? well, someone bought us ice cream. thanks to the heat..... I'm glad ice creams exist :'

another emotional week too, I guess. well, it's actually nothing much. I just got mocked again. people call me fat. typical name for me. I feel I wanna cut these people. but, again, if I do it, I will no longer have motivation to watch what I eat. hahaha. I eat whatever I want as long as it's healthy. and people who call me fat can shut their mouths up.

oh, oh, since my best friends were here in Berlin during weekend *woohoo!* so I bought my daily needs on Wednesday. ugh. didn't expect the things I bought would be quite many..... it's so heavy that my back hurt :'(

on Thursday, which was just another normal working day, I had a microchat with someone. "this" someone threw the sweetest smile many times for the day. WEEHEE~ I threw my sweetest smile to my reflection when I found out that Ritter Sport Vanille-Mousse tasted so good that I should stop eating it. hahahahhaha! call me fat~ I don't care~

Friday-Monday, I spent the last public holiday in Germany (or Berlin, to be particular). it's not the last for anyone else. it's for me. because we have no more public holidays until October(?) I'm going back at the end of August, so, yeah, it's the last for me.

we went to places~ OH! finally I was in Sanssouci!! weehee~ the day I was there was the day I ate ice cream thrice. hahahaha. dang my besties tempted me to eat it again and again..... it's a sunny day, so..... :| NO REGRET THO! hahahaha
us, sitting near Lustgarten, across Humboldt-Box; background: Berliner Dom and Fernsehturm
it was..... uh..... 22.30ish? I forgot. that's my very first attempt taking a selfie. LOL. wait, no, it's second. the first one was on the same day, when we were in Sanssouci. not a good photo, so I put that photo instead. hehehehe

after taking my girl to Berlin Hauptbahnhof, I bought three magazines~ I got summer fever. it's sponsored by the world cup. WOOHOO!! THREE MORE DAYS!!
so, that's it. hahaha. oh, it's getting warmer here. this day was 32°C. tomorrow will be around 35°C. THIRTY FIVE. thank you.

"Some people tell me that we professional players are soccer slaves. Well, if this is slavery, give me a life sentence." -Sir Robert “Bobby” Charlton


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