Montag, 7. Juli 2014

assiduous weekend

HI GUYS!! it's July~ woohoo~ know what it means?! nah, you don't have to know about it. hahaha! again, another week just passed. my departure from Germany.....

I'm still humming some Indonesian songs. thank you to this one guy who asked me to go to a mini concert. terribly sorry, I turned it down. it's not that I was cranky or so. I just didn't feel I wanted to go out. sorry, I know it's not even a legit excuse. hmm. there's an inset story in some songs I know. thanks to people around me. thank you for helping me to give colours to my life :D

last week was a fun week at office. hahaha. well, things get better and better. or maybe it's the process within me, umm, to be more mature? hehehe. or nah. maybe I just more get used to the atmosphere. it's good, uh? or it's too late? since it's July already. and I'm leaving at the end of August. NO. I DON'T WANNA LEAVE GERMANY. I'll be back :' (suddenly I had Arnold's voice in my mind hahaha)

some friends came to Berlin; including my bestie! woohoo! yea, we had a lot of good time together~ we had our first presidential election on Saturday. then we went to places. awesome weekend!
at Checkpoint Charlie
we also watched the quarter final between France and Germany; at the Fanmeile, of course. this time, I watched it with my bestie and my other friend! and GERMANY WON!! WOOHOO! HALBFINALE! HALBFINALE! HEY! HEY! OH WIE IST DAS SCHÖN! SO SEHEN SIEGER AUS! SCHALALALALA! LET'S GO TO THE FINAL AND WIN THIS TOURNAMENT, JUNGS!! :D
bin sehr bereit mit dem Trikot und Schminken!
watched The Fast and The Furious and also Fast & Furious. then I remembered Pablo :( what are you doing up there, man? dang car crash..... couldn't wait for Fast & Furious 7 tho! well, also couldn't wait for The Expendables 3 and Step Up: All In.

and I think that's it for this entry. hehehe! couldn't wait for the semifinal and final of the World Cup 2014. really hope that Germany could win it!! :D

"Yes, I prefer football over shopping, football kits over dresses, football boots over high heels and playing FIFA over playing Barbie." -anonymous


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