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10 random facts about me (extended)

HI GUYS!! it turned out that this is the last entry posted from Germany; not this one. and I couldn't post my weekly entry this Sunday, as I'd be just reached Jakarta; and my internet runs again on 1 September. hahaha! so it'll be posted on 1 September. and who's having 22nd birthday on 1 September?!?! HEHEHE :)

so, on Tuesday (26.08, 17.55 CEST), one of my friends tagged me something. I had to throw 10 random facts. I didn't directly responded her tag, since I've never been good at doing this. hahaha! it's like around 2 hours later (20.02 CEST), I answered her tag. hehehe

I ran out of space! while I actually wanted to have a brief explanation of each. hehehe :p and I thought, I could have the brief explanation on my blog(?) I'll keep them as short as I could ;) so, here we go~
  1. yes, I used to hate red and bright colours. it happened when I was in junior high. I hated it so much that I argued with my parents. why? hahaha. you know Chinese New Year. you know we believe some superstitious; including the meaning of colours.  Chinese New Year has always been related with bright colours such as red (luck), yellow (king's colour), orange, etc.; bright colours lead to a prosperous and good (luck) year ahead. during that time, I wanted to wear black or white; while black is associated with bad luck, and white is death. yes, on funeral ceremony, we wear white clothes. the argument also occurred when I wanted to wear black and white rubber bracelet which actually shows "no racism" but my parents were like, "are you hoping someone's died?". I don't blame my parents. that's just how our culture runs.
  2. yes, I am an incredibly gifted faker. I could fake my facial expressions and emotions easily. people couldn't tell whether I'm lying. some even asked, "are you being serious? or joking?" hahaha. I don't know if this is a good thing :p
  3. I did bad on senior high. so bad that I was afraid I couldn't pass national final exam. hahaha! I'm glad and relieved that everything went well ;D
  4. yes, I'm a hot-tempered (or short-tempered?). since elementary, I got angry easily. things go better as the time goes by. I really hope that I could manage my anger even better :)
  5. yes, hahaha. if you read my blog frequently, you know that I'm taking International Business as my major. before ending up here, I applied to other two universities. I chose Law, Civil Engineering, and Architecture. I got accepted; achievement "track". whaaaaaaaatttttttttt. I know right. hahaha! I almost applied to Psychology; what I'm really interested in. but I forgot why I didn't o.O so, my mom introduced me to my current university. once I knew this university, I'd like to major in Pharmaceutical Engineering. but because of some considerations, I didn't take it; and took International Business Administration instead! so here I am~
  6. yes! hahahaha! my first crush..... when I was five years old. HAHAHA! he also 5 years old. we were in the same class. I still don't get why we like each other? hahahaha
  7. so, my paternal grandpa was the one who gave me and my little sister Chinese name. it's "Fang" (芳); that's the second character of fēnfāng (芬芳); which means fragrance, he hoped that I could leave good smell in life. he expected a grandson though. giving me the second character was hoping to "end" the possibility to continue the previous (which was having a girl). but hey it's my little sister. hahaha. so she got "Fen" (芬). I'm supposed to be named Fen instead of Fang. I love you, sis! no, grandpa never hated you. he loved you until his last breath :)
  8. yes, I think this entry could explain you enough :D
  9. my maternal grandma passed away around 4 months before I was born. though I have never seen her in real life, I could feel her love. she rubbed my mom's belly (which there's me inside! hehehe) mom always said that I got her nose; pointy nose. yay! love you, granny :*
  10. yea, as I told you at the beginning of this entry, it took time to respond the tag. hahaha!
so, that's it! short, eh? hehehe. please have this entry as my apology from the previous one. I was distracted. suddenly I couldn't make a proper entry. maybe I was too nervous because I'm leaving this city soon; this Saturday (CEST)!!

and next entry would be posted on 1 September ;D

“Intelligence is more important than strength, that is why earth is ruled by men and not by animals.” -Amit Kalantri


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