Sonntag, 7. September 2014

superb alpha!

HI GUYS!! back to the normal routine; studying. nanana~ so, I'm gonna post (starting from this entry) this just like before; like usual. for those who just read this blog for the first time, you might want to check the entries from September-December 2013 to get the idea what I was talking about.

as I told you before, the 7th semester started on 25 August. but I was still in Berlin back then, because I still had my internship. so I missed the first week. none of my classmates "updated" me about what they did. that's okay. I'll catch up on my own :D and..... here's the recap of my first week; I know, it's second week already~ hahaha

Monday, 01 September 2014
first day back to university! should admit, it's very warm and humid. first thing I did when I entered the class, I stood under the AC. hahaha! anyway, I had good times on the first day. except at night. I was half asleep when a car parked on my garage. I was like..... what? did they just park their car at someone's garage? hello, the lamp on the garage was on; even my bedroom's lamp was still on. and you just parked it like there's no one inside? even there's none, you still couldn't park there. it's against the ethic. I think you guys just entered someone's property without permission? did I just experience a culture shock in my own home-country? like, really? oh God.....

Tuesday, 02 September 2014
I think everything went awesome on this day. not only I had the chance to meet one of my seniors during my lunch break (also had lunch with him!), but also had a great dinner with some people who played quite significant role during my days in university so far. I actually had a chance to talk and share some stuffs with this senior during lunch. I'm really glad I still had that chance. and about the dinner, it's good that I still could meet those people; especially this one particular senior who actually taught me things indirectly. I might never could extend/express my gratitude to him but he always has my respect. though he's actually very annoying!! >:| but, really, you still have my respect, senior! thanks a bunch! :D

Wednesday, 03 September 2014
funny morning. just woke up and got a call from a bank. she was sure that she dialed the right number. it was, but I'm not the one who she's looking for. she was so sure that she asked, "are you sure you're not bla3? we've done a verification with the same number on 05.06." hmm. I was in Germany? ma'am? hahaha. it was funny~

Thursday, 04 September 2014

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BESTIE! you're finally 21!! hahaha :D on this exact date, last year, I faced an emotional night. I posted it here. oh how much things change in a year..... :'
so, I met Ale on this day. well, I saw him from afar on Tuesday. also, I met some of my lovely juniors :3 hehehe. this day went very well. I'm glad I still could see the people who really support me. thanks, guys! I don't know how to express my gratefulness for knowing and having you in my life :D fuh. thank You, God, for every blessing You give to me~

Friday, 05 September 2014

my class was only from 16 to 18, so I watched Bones in the morning. well, at noon. I accidentally woke up far before my alarm went off, but then, of course, I went back to sleep. hehehe. after watching, I decided to do some chores. it took time..... and tiring. huft
this day's class was more or less the same as I had in Germany. but I think it's a little bit more complicated. 

then I went back home; the one that's in Jakarta. felt weird. hahahaha. many things changed. I'm still not used to it. well~ well~ well~

I'm literally jubilant for this week. everything was beautiful. but still haven't got proper rest. hope next days would be even much more better. and, oh, I hope that my plan goes well!

“It's amazing how a little tomorrow can make up for a whole lot of yesterday.” -John Guare (Landscape of the Body, 1998)


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