Sonntag, 26. Oktober 2014

susceptible juncture

HI GUYS!! last week required too much emotion. didn't feel good during the classes, but hyper during internal cup matches. hahahaha. I do have my priorities(?) lololol. I didn't feel easy last week. hopefully it's just me. hopefully.

as the internal cup ended, I see no reason to come home late. hohoho! my life, if it's not for football, currently, I don't know whom/what I should dedicated it to. family, as always, comes first. then?

anyway, here's the recap of last week:

Monday, 20 October 2014
first day without laptop. oh what was my life..... hahaha. everything went well tho. I didn't watch the futsal match and my class lost. dang it! sorry, guys! I didn't mean to not watch you. I had some other stuffs to do :( but still, I'm proud of you. great matches. thank you so much! we should get another star from the next internal cup! :D

Tuesday, 21 October 2014
basketball matches! my juniors didn't show up, so my class won. LOL. nah. my class did pretty well. much better than previous matches. nice one. and the other match was..... well, I waited for Ale actually. but he, also, didn't show up. suddenly I didn't wanna watch the match..... hehehe :p

Wednesday, 22 October 2014
nananana~ I intentionally arrived at campus waaaaayyyy earlier to meet Ale. LOL. no. it's simply because I'm isolated at home. no proper signal. couldn't communicate well. hate it.
futsal matches~ semifinal, if I wasn't mistaken. semifinal. God. I really thought that, omg, it's really coming to its end. NOOOOOOOOO~ I couldn't see Ale next internal cup..... the good thing is, I still have my juniors. hehehe :p

Thursday, 23 October 2014
FINAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEE~~~ hahaha. no. shouldn't laugh. it was the last basketball match which I could watch Ale. NOOOOOOOOOOO~ oh God ;_; but he did great. me proud! hehehe. still, I'm not that someone who understands basketball well. but overall, they did wonderful job. won all the (tough) matches and served wonderful play. I'm relieved I was part of this awesomeness~ :p thank you for everything, guys! we might not have Ale for the next internal cup. you guys better recruit Ju and one of his friend now :p hahahaha

Friday, 24 October 2014
suddenly, the class was cancelled. nice~ finally had time to rest. I almost lost my voice in the morning. thanks to the wonderful final basketball match. no regret! hahaha :D

I'm glad I could slowly fade myself. it's good to withdraw myself from the crowd. don't get me wrong. I think my surrounding has also been the major reason to do so. I feel like I wanna whine all day. they do look for me whenever they need something. other than that, I'm invisible. thank you though. it reminds me to be more independent. it wakes me up to be more careful. it also reminds me that I'm the light whenever they are in the darkness :p
only an illustration
well, it's time to get all the shit done.

“Being passionate about something is the most beautiful characteristic you can develop.” -Charlotte Eriksson


P.S.: Le, I choose you; every time.
P.P.S.: oh btw I have an Instagram account now :p

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