Sonntag, 9. November 2014


HI GUYS!! three weeks left! woohoo! should I be hyped or stressed, hmm, idk. but I simply couldn't wait for being graduated. hehehe. of course, I'll miss my babies so much~ and talking about 'three weeks left', I still have some untouched final projects. as I mentioned on previous entry, I really need to get all of this sugar honey ice tea done; before 17.11., due to external cup. HEHEHE! I'm literally longing for the matches; basketball matches, especially~ oh come on, you know why~ ;D

got nothing to say more for this  entry. hmm. shall we go straight to the recap?

Monday, 03 November 2014
normal classes; nothing special as usual. Ale got no class on this day. hmm. didn't even see him during the sparring. well, well, well. *sigh* yea, one of my friends asked one of my besties to watch his sparring. and so then I watched it too. hoping that he would show up though I knew he wouldn't.
and I did..... something that saddened me. it really made me wanna go back to that place again and again. I've never wanted to end up as a spectator. but that's just the way it is.....

Tuesday, 04 November 2014
attended guest lecture in the morning. AND I GOT A DOLL! hahaha. by answering to a very simple question, the guest lecturer gave me a doll. bahaha! then I attended the same class twice. let's say I had nothing to do. lol. no, I do still have gazillion to do~
here's the doll!
met Ale, and actually was really close to him. HEHEHE. oh, things I love~ hehehe!
decided to "accompany" one of my besties. poor her; needed to stay for 3hours until 21.15ish at campus~

Wednesday, 05 November 2014
normal classes. arrived early as usual because of..... stuffs. hihihi. thanks to one of my bestie who helped me to make it happen~ hehehe. thanks to another bestie who gave me some kind of "latest update" bahahhaha!
attended a meeting. wow. I miss it. hahaha. it had nothing to do with me directly. but it's cool. so I enjoyed it.

Thursday, 06 November 2014
it's not really a flop day, but, uhh, hmm. gettin really tired, dude. like..... enough is enough. people do love talking about someone else behind their back yah. hahaha. but, anyway, thank you so much. thank you for revealing yourself. so I could know who you guys really are :D

Friday, 07 November 2014
this time, I got class until Friday. hahaha. it's 9-11, but stayed until 13.15ish. then packed some things up, then headed to pick my mom up. nanana~ should be doing my individual task. but I have this group task. ck! :p

oh na na~ still haven't done my 3rd chapter. hmm. it's just..... hard to get all the sugar honey ice tea together. pffttt!

I read Naruto. well, not really a fan at first. but there's this one bestie from my junior high who pushed me to read it. hahaha. thanks, bro! I did enjoy every single chapter, every single page of it. hehehe. so Naruto just arrived to its end and I was like.... all dem feels!! not gonna buy it, but some of the sayings are actually, somehow, representing what I wanna say or how I feel. just like I shared here.

threw another birthday dinner at the same restaurant. I think the employees remembered us well. hahaha! good food! yum! :9

dang. last year. wow. amazing(?) hm. maybe this person waited for me saying this. or maybe not. who cares.....

“You’re just another story I can’t tell anymore.” -pleasefindthis (I Wrote This For You, 2011)



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