Donnerstag, 8. Januar 2015

continuous procrastination

HI GUYS!! I'm terribly sorry for the hiatus. I have nothing to write. I even haven't continue my journal. bahahaha! I'm planning to do my thesis proposal since the deadline is cooomiiiiinnggggggg very soon. but feels like I don't wanna. haven't got the feel yet. it's still holiday! hehehe

so, yea, I'm having a tutorial to prepare my OFSE (Oral Final Study Examination) which is a mandatory before doing thesis. if I passed it, then I could do my thesis. the tutorial starts on 12 January until 30 January. the OFSE itself starts from 02 February until 13 February. there are three subjects that will be tested. I'm crossing my fingers hard!

the approval of my thesis proposal would be on 17 February. then I could start do my thesis on 02 March. the thesis should be submitted on 22 June. hopefully everything goes well, including the thesis defense which the date hasn't been set yet, so I could/would be graduated this year; the ceremony would be on 19 September. WISH ME LUCK! :D

and this is the end of this entry; for now. I have no idea whether I would post another one this month, since I need to get my proposal done. well, it's done, but not in the right template from my university. hehehe

oh, a very brief recap of my holiday in my hometown:
27 December 2014: arrived in Pangkalpinang, visited all my relatives' houses
28 December 2014: went to Toboali (to Tanjung Krasak Beach)
29 December 2014: went to Pelawan Forest, and to Koba
30 December 2014: went to Belinyu (visited other relatives, and to Tanjung Penyusuk Beach)
31 December 2014: went to Sungailiat (to Matras Beach); spending the new year's eve at one of my relatives' house for having dinner and stuffs :D
01 January 2015: went to Jebus (to Siangau Beach and Semangka Beach)
02 January 2015: went back to Sungailiat (to Nirwana Beach and Tri Agung Temple)
03 January 2015: finally ate crab; black pepper crab! yippie! went back to Jakarta. happy 21st birthday, you cute boy!
look at my face! me so happy!
I was so busy that I hardly felt I had my holiday. hahaha. it's tiring; going from one town to another one. sitting inside the card and doing nothing; blergh..... I'd rather drive. it's A/T anyway~ also, I did a little survey for my thesis there. got a new idea to expand my scope. again, hopefully everything goes well! ;D

"Procrastination is the thief of time.” -Edward Young


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