Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015

Ephesians 1:16

HI GUYS!! I love being in hiatus. hahahaha. nah~ I just have nothing to write. hehehe. so~ I supposed to had my last tutorial yesterday, but couldn't make it as I had to attend a farewell ceremony for my juniors. literally couldn't believe that it's time for them to pursue their dreams~ hahahaha. did I sound old? :p

tutorial classes went okay. the rest is up to me, whether I'd like to study. hahaha. also, got a private one since no one chose this subject. bahahahaha! hopefully could nail em all perfectly! :D

so, yea, yesterday I was at a farewell ceremony in Kuningan. had to deliver some experiences, tips and tricks for the juniors so that (at least) they could imagine how it'd be like in Germany. not gonna lie, I miss being in Germany; especially when I finally had a chance to be at the place where I should be~ hahaha. not gonna buy it, but the internship experience is way too precious than I could ever imagine. went abroad alone for seven months; and it's not to a country in our neighborhood. it's Germany; around 10,984km from Jakarta. I was really at the other hemisphere; other side of the earth. would do anything so I could go back there! :D

since it's 28 January..... happy ten years! happy one decade! :D exactly one year ago~ I tried to end the book, but then something happened which made me try to reopen it. gdi.
"akupun tidak berhenti mengucap syukur karena kamu. dan aku selalu mengingat kamu dalam doaku."
“Memories, even your most precious ones, fade surprisingly quickly. But I don’t go along with that. The memories I value most, I don’t ever see them fading.” -Kazuo Ishiguro (Never Let Me Go, 2005)


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