Sonntag, 22. Februar 2015

Benteng Heritage Museum: The Pearl of Tangerang

HI GUYS!! I just came back from a museum in Tangerang, Banten, Indonesia. a museum that represents Chinese culture from 15th century called Museum Benteng Heritage (English: Benteng Heritage Museum) was opened at 20.11 on 11th November 2011. the founder, Udaya Halim, stated that it's not because of the "good" number; they're unique numbers. he added, he actually wanted to open it at 11.11 on the same day. since the museum is located in the middle of traditional market, the trading was still running, so it's kinda impossible.

I took a 45-minute tour. we watched some clips and slides about Chinese history; Chinese people in Tangerang. fortunate me, the founder was in town, so we got all information directly from the source. after watching, we were taken around to see the ancient collection.

unfortunately, we aren't allowed to take pictures inside the museum. but since the founder was there, we're good to go. but still, I didn't take any. I only took some on where we're allowed.
sign of inauguration and visit
the dragon that is used for dragon dance
close-up of the dragon
registration desk
your participation is purely used for maintaining the artifacts
sign of tour participants
a technology from China
a technology from China
a photo with the founder, Mr. Udaya Halim
front-look of the museum
shameless portrait in front of the door
that's my brief sharing of one of my days. Benteng Heritage Museum could be easily found at: their official website, fanpage, wikipedia (Indonesian, English), Indonesia's official tourism website, and an article. of course there are many articles of it.

"Kita mempelajari sejarah bukan untuk mencari pembenaran; tetapi untuk menggali kebenaran." -Udaya Halim


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