Samstag, 14. Februar 2015

I mog di!!

HI GUYS!! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!! for all of you. no matter you're in a relationship or single. everybody are allowed to feel the love~ love is in the air, baby~ feel it~ feel it~ feel it! hahaha!

so, yeah, who's basically doing nothing during this day? me, uhh, I still got something to do~ hehehe. another Open House was held by my university. and again, I was chosen to extend some testimonies to the potential students; and their parents. glad I also with one of my juniors.

oh, I didn't make any chocolate this Valentine; just like several previous years. I ran out of raw material.  ..... hahaha! not a good statement, I suppose. well, I didn't make any as I spent my time doing something else. besides, I had enough chocolate for my supplies. hahaha! :p

and yesterday was Friday13th!! YAAAAYYYY!! idk why I like it. I even am excited about it. hahaha. it has always been my day. but yesterday, I was shocked because of my own false alarm. dang. idk who to blame: me or one of my friends who triggered me. pft. hehehehe! gdi

AAAAANNNNNDDDDDD~ I've been fallen in love with this guy since, uhh, I don't remember. I just never mentioned it before. and here's he:
he and his glorious hair
Eugene Lee Yang. that's all you need to know. hahaha! :p
thank you universe!
"Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home." -J. K. Rowling


P.S.: yes, I am currently waiting for my home.

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