Freitag, 20. Februar 2015

mentally strong

HI GUYS!! Happy Lunar New Year 2566!! may all the good health, lasting prosperity and success, eternal happiness and love will always be with you; showering you nonstop for the whole year! :D

this Monday, the result for OFSE was released. my scores..... they're not bad, but they didn't meet my target. only one of it did. though I was so grateful for the result, it's a lie if I wasn't disappointed. but, okay, let's do much better on thesis defense!

this Tuesday, the approval for all of our thesis proposal was released. I'm truly glad that none of my classmates need to revised it; which means our proposals were directly approved!! YAYAYAYAY!! no disturbance on waiting Lunar New Year :p

I suddenly feel wanna cook this and that. hahaha. weird. I managed to have my own daun jenggala for the first time. yaaaayyy~ hahaha. well, anyone has his own first time of everything, right? hahaha.

watched Jupiter Ascending last night. planned to watch Kingsman: The Secret Service but the free seats were too near from the screen. so, I watched Jupiter Ascending; turned out Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis starred at it.....great! awesome movie, great visual, the background sound/music was a little bit too loud, and..... the censorship association here made several unnecessary censors. pity.
what I wore on Lunar New Year 2566
"Every goal we concede is an insult to me." -Oliver Kahn


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