Mittwoch, 11. Februar 2015

so done!

HI GUYS!! I just finished my test before obtaining the authorization to do my thesis. hahaha. it's called OFSE: Oral Final Study Examination. so, there were three chosen subjects to be tested. two of them are mandatory subjects. the other one was chosen by me; I had to choose from two subjects that were provided. since I'm not really that good at memorizing, so I chose the subject which counts on logic. bahahahaha! or maybe I just don't wanna study that much; or read theory.

I apologize for the hiatus. since I had OFSE, it feels like my semester holiday is completely different; obviously. then Id on't feel like I wanna write something..... though I didn't study hard night and day either. hehehe. instead of releasing meaningless entry, better if I don't do it.

quick recap of the OFSE. first one up on first Monday of February; the full-of-love month..... not. and the second one on the following day. I was the last person on that Monday and first person on Tuesday. whaaaaaaaaattttt..... well, I think I nailed em. I think. hahaha. and for the last subject, it was the second Tuesday of the month, which is yesterday. hahaha! I am so glad and feel truly blessed for having such awesome classmates who are helping me during the study. you guys rock!

and here I am now. waiting for the result. hoping for the best. or not. because if I really wanted to have good scores, I might have studied night and day. I didn't do that. but I still did my best. let's hope for the best! :D

I'm now a little bit more active on instagram. you guys might want to follow me if you're into photography. nah, me not that good either. LOL. but please give me a chance to do something I love. I'm not excelling it but I'm trying to post artistic photos. hahaha. I put quote on it, and it requires a little wild imagination on why I chose that quote.

but one thing to remember: I don't do like-for-like and follow-for-follow. I might not follow you back. and you should not expect it. I'll follow if I wanna follow. I'm simply not a followers-getter; not a like/love seeker either. but yes I do need your attention to critique or to suggest in order to improve my so-called photography skill. I sincerely and humbly welcome all instructive statements. thank you!

“If you trust in yourself... and believe in your dreams... and follow your star... you'll still get beaten by people who spent their time working hard and learning things and weren't so lazy.” -Terry Pratchett (The Wee Free Men: Discworld #30, 2003)


P.S.: I already cut my hair and got another new gear so basically I'm ready for Chinese New Year!!

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