Sonntag, 29. März 2015

short getaway needed

that moment when your plan was ruined..... HI GUYS!! apparently, I need a little time to get this and that done. got a little problem here and there, and, uhh, blah. hahaha. and I think if my planned wasn't ruined, I wouldn't have any quarrel with my parents. GDI. HAHAHA!! hakuna matata; BS! ftffsshddb

there will come a day, when I am at my own peace without any disturbance. because I'd be lying underground forever! :D

so, here's the recap of last week:

Wednesday, 25 March 2015
arrived at uni around 8ish. planned to stay inside the car a little bit longer, but then decided to enter the classroom. seemed that it wasn't appreciated because everywhere is a drama stage. oh how much I wish I was not there. how much I wish I could be somewhere else. but people say that life begins outside your comfort zone; and if I could manage those "outside comfort zone", it means that my comfort zone is broadened! ;D
went lunch with friends from Marketing and Finance classes. had fun! and that's all that mattered. hahaha
then join my besties who are from Mechatronics class. we even had much more fun~ they sang out loud till a silent laugh stroke. hahaha!

Thursday, 26 March 2015
what a morning! another "mentally exhausted" period. puh! I just wanted this day done sooner~

I might not posting new entry next Sunday. I'm looking forward to going to my hometown this Thursday. and hopefully could watch Furious 7 next Monday or Tuesday after arriving in Jakarta again. ALL DEM FEELS!!

“I go to seek a Great Perhaps.” -François Rabelais


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