Sonntag, 7. Juni 2015

d minus several days

HI GUYS!! this week was supposed to be silent week. but it doesn't apply to me~ since I'm now an 8th-semester student. hahaha! well, this week, I went to Serang several times to obtain data for my thesis work. puh. let them be worth!! it was so tiring, especially the land trip. I had to let my ass stick for several hours each day.

nah, I'm not releasing weekly recap on this entry. instead..... it's gonna be me blabbering stuffs. hehehe!

well, I'm counting down to my submission date. as per this post released, it's D-15. my work so far...... it's good. I'm making it great as good isn't enough. hahaha. we'll see how it turns out! :D

Happy Vesakh Day, my fellow Buddhist readers!

oh, have I told you about the new shopping centre in my neighborhood? yeah, it's only 1.3 km from my housing complex; aka across my uni building. hahaha! been there several times now (including today), though it just opened on 30 May 2015. hehehe. THEY HAVE SEVERAL PIKACHU AT ONE TIME! already watched a movie at their new cinema. woohoo! MAD MAX IS HELLA AMAZING! YAY TO EDWARD THOMAS HARDY!! :D bahahaha! it's a little bit confusing for the first 10-15mins, but then it turned sexy and funny. hehehe.

watched it with one of my besties. in the middle of the movie, she said that THard's voice was so deep that she found it sexy. GUUUURRRLLLLLLL~~~~~ I'm so in love with THard because of his deep sexy voice~ hahaha! oh THard, you bamf!

all right. that's all. wish me luck for my thesis. see ya around! ;P

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack in will.” -Vince Lombardi


P.S.: still wanting to watch Tomorrowland, Pitch Perfect 2, and San Andreas~ *code*

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